50 Best and Funny Celebrity Caricature Drawings from top artists


Best Celebrity Caricature Drawings : If you can poke at yourselves, then you can become a caricature artist. Caricatures are fun cartoons with some exaggerated features, usually the most prominent feature on a person. If a person has large ears, then a caricature artist will portray it as elephant ears, which is really funny to the viewers. Did you know that some of the best caricature drawings were found in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci? Funny caricature drawings were the most sought after drawings in France in Italy, where it originally started. Funny Caricature Drawings dates back to almost the era of 1896. Some of the popular caricature artists are: Sir Max Beerbohm, George Cruikshank, Mort Drucker, Alex Gard, Jithesh, Sebastian Kruger and many more. Amongst the many artists,Jitesh, Indian is a celebrity caricature artist since he can draw 50 caricatures under 5 minutes. When technology improved artists sought computers and thus the modern era of digital caricatures have evolved.


25 Beautiful Celebrity Caricature Drawings by kerala artist Mahesh Nambiar

Caricature Drawings : Mahesh Nambiar from Kerala, India is a lead animator at Auryn Inc based at Pune. His stunning caricatures won many gold medals at the global caricature contest. He has worked as an Animation director at Toonz Animation Pvt Ltd at Trivandrum. In his successful career he has experience in Asst Animation Director and as a 2D Animator. Mahesh holds his degree from University of Calicut and has worked in several companies like Toei Animation based at Tokyo, Japan, Heart Animation based at Hyderabad, Auryn Usa, which has helped groom his style and technique. Here we have included 25 beautiful celebrity caricatures by Mahesh Nambiar for your inspiration.

zuckerberg caricature daniel craig caricature dalai lama caricature jackiechan caricature ronaldinho gold caricature serena williams caricature snoop dogg caricature

tommy lee jones caricature lemmy kilmister caricature michael jackson caricature shahrukh khan caricature nick cave caricature carles puyol caricature shahrukh khan caricature arundhathi roy caricature viswanathan anand caricature dhoni caricature kapildev caricature sachin tendulkar caricature cricket caricature ptusha caricature pranab mukerjee caricature manmohan singh caricature yesudas caricature

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