Woman photography Tips and Tricks with 40 Beautiful Women Photos

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Beautiful Women Photos: Portrait photographs rely largely on the subject and the photographer. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Confidence in the photographer is most important for capturing beautiful women photos.In this post we have put together 35 Most Beautiful Women Photos and Photography Tips for your inspiration. With so many beautiful women in the world, here is a selected few from fashion, natural, wedding and many other areas. Download these free beautiful women photos. These beautiful women photos were captured by professional photographers, who knew their work very well. The lighting, emotions,fashion all worked very well for these photographers. Stay tuned for more such amazing inspirational posts.

Woman photography Tips  and Tricks with 40 Beautiful Women Photos

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Woman photography Tips & Tricks :

1. Make sure you spend a lot of time getting to know your subject prior to the shoot; it is crucial to develop a relationship with them, to gain their trust and confidence. This may be through phone calls, or an initial meeting.
2. Photographing women is 90% psychology and 10% technique - it is vital you understand that their issues are real. If they tell you they hate their teeth/hair.skin/eyes/height etc, then even if you can't see a single blemish - you have to realise that is all they will focus on, so you need to be aware of this. I always say "well, I think your teeth look great; and you haven't mentioned your fantastic hair - it's gorgeous and we need to really make the most of it". Most women will not tell you what they like about themselves, so you will build up their confidence if you mention it.
3. You will notice I have not mentioned cameras, or photographic techniques yet - this is because I cannot over-emphasise how important it is that you get to understand your subject - it is this part that will pay off hugely when you start to shoot.
4. Talk through clothes, and try and find outfits which will flatter them. Tight tops will not look good when she sits down, no matter how slim she is. Look for jackets and tops which cover the arms, to place emphasis on the face.
5. V necked tops work much better than polo necks, or round necks, as a v neck elongates the neck, and is therefore more flattering.
6. A white t shirt under a top is great for reflecting light back into the face, black has the opposite effect and can be aging. Pushing up sleeves makes arms look longer and slimmer.
7. Treat the whole experience as a fashion shoot; get them excited by the prospect of their own personal fashion shoot - talk about great locations you can use, and where you can have coffee and lunch breaks - this will really help them to relax because they feel you are giving them time, and working together to create great photos - you're going on an adventure!
8. Positioning is hugely important - practice on a friend - move around them and see where they look best - move their legs, head, arms etc until you see where they look most flattering. Shoot from above - makes a big difference if their eyes are looking up at you. Only stunning models with great jaw lines look good from below.
9. If your subject is very overweight - and is not happy with this, do not photograph her full length - she will hate it. You can get some great shots just using head and shoulders, by lying her on the floor and missing out her body. Just keep changing clothes and locations to vary the shots.
10. Ask your subject to stretch, or lean forward, so they look relaxed but more taut - makes a big difference.

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