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It’s very often that I browse the Internet and I happen to find these amazing fonts on images that I had no idea about. I then start searching for it with no results, obviously, since I can’t think of any keywords to google. I sometimes tried to edit them. Luckily, I no longer have to waste my time with that since now we have software that does that for us.

My latest discovery is WhatFontIs, which basically tells you the name of the font you want to know. All you have to do is upload an image with the wanted font sample. The website has its own database of approximately 280,000 fonts. If you really found a secret one, you will just get the closest match as a result.

WhatFontIs is quite intuitive so you won’t waste a lot of time learning how to use it. Just upload an image or copy-paste an URL with it. The only requirement is that the writing is horizontal and visible. If the contrast is not good enough, edit the picture before uploading it.                                 

The next step is telling the software about the type of contrast – whether the background is darker than the font for instance. Press the ‘Continue’ button and you will see the first results, meaning the website will tell you about the letters it recognized; if it got it right, you just confirm. In case it doesn’t recognize them from the first try, see if the letters are touching; sometimes, that can determine the software to misread them, especially with artsy fonts.

The final step shows you the results, meaning a list of fonts that fit the one you have, arranged in order, from the most similar to the most distinct. You can just pick the one you think fits best. Here, you also have a filter to separate the free fonts from the premium ones. And that’s basically it! 

WhatFontIs is an awesome tool if you ask me; if you are as meticulous as me, when doing a design job, the given options just won’t do. Now I don’t have to pick from the fonts everybody uses anymore, but find a more distinct one, not so easily recognizable. This is just the type of things everybody wished that they were real at one point, just like the software that recognizes songs. Well, now they are. Check whatfontis.com yourself.

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