How to earn with Digital Marketplace 2018

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Being a part of the most progressive century, you can see how much the digital revolution changed every part of our lives. To say more, the web progress is still changing lots of things for the best. Among them, we see tones of aspects that are somehow related to our daily routine. It starts with social media and ends with online shopping and ordering pizza. Besides, the most impressing changes are the ones that influence business.

How to earn with Digital Marketplace 2018

As you can see, nowadays there are no options to develop your company/ startup/ art without promoting them online. Moreover, 2018 brought us a magnificent flourishing of different marketplaces. It allows users of any age earn good money at ease. Being a vendor of a marketplace became a regular thing that results in new companies appearance. With it, designers all over the globe are looking for new opportunities. They dream of finding the very marketplace to work with. How to earn with the digital marketplace? How to choose? Here and now we are going to connect some dots. Let’s see the real tapestry of top 3 modern marketplaces: TemplateMonster, ThemeForest, and CreativeMarket.


Without a doubt, anyone who has ever wanted to run a website out-of-the-box knows this name. Basically, TemplateMonster is one of the leading companies that provide ready-made products related to website building. Now TM is nearly 15 years old, so the list of its items is quite big. Viewing the gallery, you will see:

  • themes and templates based on all the well-known platforms, (WordPress themes, Joomla products, Shopify templates, etc.)
  • a rich selection of premium plugins;
  • complete bundles;
  • assets;
  • templates for PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

In summary, Template monster works with 20+ platforms. The marketplace has over 26, 600 premium themes and many free themes. Online users love TemplateMonster thanks to a free, lifetime support, regular sales, creative designs, and creator-ready products. ‘It has transparent statistics and helps each author succeed.’ – says Vadin Rozov, who has been TemplateMonster customer during a decade. Not long ago he teamed up with Andrey Yanushkov to introduce WATERCOLORPNG brand with the help of TM vendor program. The team specializes in creating such ready-to-use products as Gift Boxes and illustration templates.


Is it hard to become their vendor?

What Should You Do?

Honestly, TemplateMonster’s team is the easiest one to join. To become a vendor of TM, follow these steps.

  • Start with the creation of your personal account.
  • Check email to confirm the action.
  • Once you are through this, press the button ‘Become a vendor’. It is down on the left menu.

Now you are inside your personal account. It has a quick navigation and shows information like billing, downloads, ratings, programs, reviews, tickets, personal profile, FAQ, etc.

PremiumCoding joined TM marketplace a year ago. The team includes 5 creators, who designed almost every well-liked minimalist WordPress Theme. All of them are best-sellers now! For example, Laura.

Details | Demo

‘TemplateMonster one of the biggest resources for all kinds of templates and themes. Whether you are a web design agency that makes websites for others or a personal blogger, you will find a great template to start your website.’ – said Ales from PremiumCoding during the interview.

Start Working

Inside your account, there will be a remarkable ‘Upload Product’ section you see right after the registration. Before selecting the files, check the requirements. Ready? Then, it is time to introduce your works. Here is a minimalist how-to-do guide:

  • upload your file in .zip to see product info field;
  • fill it with basic information like product name, its type, and a short description;
  • the next field if for features and recommended tools, plus keywords;
  • then, there is one more for your support info;
  • now it’s time to show your creative part and add product images.

When working on your item graphics, focus on ‘Main Image’ section first. It will be the first image a prospect sees. Secondly, think twice about ‘Slider Image’ and ‘Presentation Image’.

Gently speaking, it took TemplateMonster some time to become as creator-friendly as it is today. Another best-selling vendor of TM is TinyDuck. Being one of the most active TM vendors, they have 150 sales these days. According to TinyDuck team, that is how the service refined:

‘The journey was interesting but not without its challenges. Frankly speaking, the beta-version of the vendor’s admin panel was a tangled a little bit. TemplateMonster UX for vendors in the summer 2017 and today are worlds apart. The marketplace is evolving so fast! We hope that you will be keeping it up.’

Below you can see one of the templates made by the vendor.

Details | Demo


As you can see, uploading a product on TemplateMonster is easily managed. Can we say the same about their quality review? Yes, we totally can! Although officially TemplateMonster became a marketplace less than a year ago, the company is already known for its lightning-fast work. Initially, the duration of waiting depends on the type of the uploaded item. The smaller your product is the faster will be the answer. On average, it takes no longer than 5 working days. The seller’s cut will be 40-70% and you will not face the limit of uploads at a time. The team will review your files one by one to avoid a delay.


Today DigitCase is a nice example to illustrate the results of working on TemplateMonster. ‘I always loved to draw, but my design presentations in school were standard. From then on, I tried to design presentations, and I am hooked on design to this day. A friend told me that opened a vendor's vacancy for presentation designer. I am confident that this is a good move. TemplateMonster is a great marketplace for website designers. So, it is not difficult to achieve client trust as a marketplace for other design categories. At the beginning of 2018. The price is very suitable and profitable for vendors and buyers.’ – says DigitCase about the start of their vendor career.

Here is DigitCase’s popular Infographic Pack.



ThemeForest is another famous marketplace, which provides the audience with digital products for many years. The company focuses on WordPress-based themes and HTML templates. They work with plugins and assets as well. Now TF gallery has nearly 40, 000 products. Alas, when it comes to being ThemeForest vendor, you need the patience of a Saint. The company is well-known thanks to a terrifying waiting period.

How to become a vendor of ThemeForest?

In this case, you should read every post related to ThemeForest requirements. Although this number is literally beyond belief, you can’t afford missing these criteria. To make a long story short, to become a vendor of TF, follow the next steps.

  • Create a personal account if you haven’t done it yet.
  • As soon as you logged in, navigate to ‘Author Settings’.
  • Find there ‘Dashboard’ to be redirected to ‘Upload Product’ page.
  • Press the eponymous button.
  • Select the needed category.
  • Write product information. It is the standard process that wants you to provide the details like name, price, tags, attributes, and support information.

Never forget that ThemeForest allows you to upload just 1 item at a time. Also, unlike TemplateMonster, ThemeForest wants its users to upload all the pieces of the file at once.


Your seller’s cut will be nearly 45%. When will you get the approval? Gee, here is the sad part of the story. Your suspense can last several weeks and it is not the longest waiting period TF vendors went through. Furthermore, even if your application contains a couple of files, you won’t get them approved or disapproved contemporaneously. In case it took the team a month to review a single element, there will be one more month to pass before the second answer. This dreadfully lengthy review period is the biggest downside of being ThemeForest vendor.


CreativeMarket appeared more than 6 years ago, in 2012. Nowadays it has lots of design-oriented products. Templates, add-ons, fonts, pictures, and graphics – these are just to name a few. Now you can see over 27, 000 independent designers on the marketplace.

How to become a vendor of CreativeMarket?

CreativeMarket is a cool place to get a theme but it doesn’t look like a vendor-friendly marketplace from the outset. The registration process is kinda longer than it should be and tones of participations never meet the approval.

If luck is on your side and you get the approval, your account will transform into a store page. It brings you new menu items. Among them, you’ll see ‘Add New Product’ button. To upload your first product on CreativeMarket, you need to push it and work on 8 fields. They are:

  • item name;
  • at least 5 pictures;
  • keywords (20 maximum);
  • price;
  • category;
  • subcategory;
  • features;
  • description;
  • properties.

Next, select ‘Live’ status to the uploaded product, so it will be shown in your store.


At last, you should remember 2 facts about CreativeMarket vendor program. Firstly, there is a charming seller’s cut – 70%. Secondly, there is a possibility to spend several months (and sometimes even years!) waiting for the first sale. Nonetheless, appearance in the handpicked section brings a creator immediate sales.


Finding the marketplace of your dream is not an easy thing in 2018, as the choice is too wide. Here is what we have, comparing 3 admired companies.

  TemplateMonsterThemeForestCreative MarketVariety of products Wide list of platforms, plugins, add-ons, business types + many specific items like bundles with graphic elements or PowerPoint templates Only themes and plugins made for WordPress and HTML templates Lots of platforms, graphics, assets, plugins, fonts, etc. Comfort Quick registration, unlimited product upload You are allowed to showcase only 1 item at a time Very long registration process Seller’s cut 45-70%, depends on your desire to sell the product on other marketplaces 45% 70% Approval High-speed answer, from 1 hour to 5 working days Extremely long You never know for sure Chances to be banned Low High Only for copyright reasons

Understand your needs, check the requirements, upload your goods, start making money on marketplace, and don’t stop creating!

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How to earn with Digital Marketplace 2018 Being a part of the most progressive century, you can see how much the digital revolution changed every part of our lives. To say more, the web progress is still changing lots of things for the best