Futurico Pro User Interface elements PSD pack (200) - Free Download now

Futurico Pro User Interface elements PSD pack (200) - Free Download now

It contains more than 200 web design elements that can be used in any project no matter the style or the concept. The pack contains a set of elements added in one extraordinary collection and the good thing is that you can use them for any design or application.

All the elements from this pack are editable and available in PSD (fully layered), hence they can be easily integrated in any concept or design. This archive provides 3 sets of elements in different colors and 2 examples of web design where they have been used. You will get a better idea on how a single UI Kit can help you create plenty of different designs.

Futurico UI Pro will be a great chance for both beginner and professional web designers topractice their skills to work with every element from the set. This will help you build your own sets of design elements in the future. Please note that the font (Helvetica) used in this pack, won’t be available in the pack because we don’t have copyrights to use or sell this font.

Futurico 5

Futurico 6icon 

Futurico Pro User Interface elements PSD pack - Download now

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