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Icons guide us through the world of internet. Technical words are not required for moving your way around computers. If you need to print a document, you just look for the printer symbol, or if you want to check your mail, you just click on the envelope symbol. Icons are created according to their basic functionality. Here are some tips and tricks which can be used as an inspiration for your next websites. Do proper research before starting your work, understand your target audience and don’t forget the purpose of the icon. Develop a common stylistic thread throughout your icons in order to minimize visual distractions and allow the user to quickly learn and recognize the attributes of the icons. Rely on a strong metaphor that will be understood by the widest audience for your icon images. A dictionary will give you all possible meanings of a word describing your chosen image. When illustrating XP–style icons, add an outline to the image to provide definition and ensure that the image works well on different background colors. Avoid using more than three objects in an icon for better recognition. Consider the cultural effect of your graphics. Some letters, words, hand gestures and images of people may not translate well. Increase visibility of XP icons by adding a smooth shadow behind the image. Refresh your icon cache if your desktop items in Windows XP are not displaying the right icons or no icons at all. Do this by going to Start/Run and enter Regedit to launch the Registry Editor. Successful shading can be achieved in a 16 color VGA environment by carefully placing colors of similar brightness and hue adjacent to each other.

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