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50 Beautiful Digital Paintings from top artists around the world

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Digital Painting

Digital Painting is all about using computers to do the fine tuning of your paintings. Using the right resolution, canvas size and different brush strokes can bring the magic effect to your digital paintings. Choosing the right resolution for your digital painting on a painting software is essential for picture clarity. The blurred effect from digital paintings can be reduced to great lengths since beautiful digital paintings can be accessed with all kinds of gadgets online. Professional digital artists primarily use simple brush strokes and to get their desired effects, they use complicated brush strokes once in a while for best digital paintings. Traditional painting methods don't have so many brushes, so if you are looking to paint some fur on a lion, artists need to create that effect on a manual canvas.Whereas in digital paintings, artists can use custom brush strokes which are easily available for download and fine tune the paintings.

Digital Painting
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Colorful Digital Paintings : In this post we have included 50 Beautiful Color Bursting Illustrations and digital paintings by Alice X. Zhang for your inspiration. Artist Alice X Zhang is from New York and has graduated with BFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Eventhough she has a degree in graphic design, her prime focus is on illustration. Her illustrations are come alive with brilliant colours and is a real treat to the eyes. Her prime inspirations are from tv and cinemas. Colorful Digital Paintings See all Digital Artworks | ...


Digital painting visualises the characteristics with the help of computer software and brings out the traditional forms. Amanda Chojnacki who is refered in art websites as sae-midori is an artist who specialises in painting nature scenery with creative new styles and designs. As sae-midori, a special type of Japanese green tea spreads the natures fragrance Amanda loves to bring in all the beauty of nature into her digital paintings. The artist captures all the vibrant beauty of seasons which encloses that special moment in time for everyone to see and enjoy. Few of the scenery digital...


Digital Painting : Travis Anderson is a 21 year old freelance illustrator and artist from Canada. He loves to create game character designs which are simply stunning. Each of the digital paintings have a special story towards them which makes it very interesting. The seamstress is a very old person made of wax and she holds one of the oldest threads which she uses to create the dresses. She needs constant heat to keep her body intact and she is not a human model and definitely not for the faint-hearted. He has also created several more characters using the thread like tangled knight, seam...


DIGITAL PAINTINGS : Devin Elle Kurtz is a digital artist, illustrator from Burbank, USA. She has been creating digital paintings ever since she turned 13. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist and spends most of her active time in the video game industry. According to her biography,"Photoshop is my canvas most of the time, although I also enjoy working with traditional materials. I love to learn, and I also love to teach. I love to paint animals, both real ones and imaginary creatures. I am inspired often by color and light; I feel through focusing my...


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