25 Awesome NakhaChitra-Fingernail Sculpted art works by Suhas Tavkar

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NakhaChitra is an ancient form of art which was done on leaves and barks of trees. Suhas Tavkar an Indian born artist has revived this form of art by embossing the art on paper by using his finger nails. Extreme precision is required for this art, even if a single line is misplaced, he will have to start all over again. He was successful graphic designer and after his retirement in 2007, he took up his passion in reviving the NakhaChitra form of art. Just like charcoals and pencils become blunt, he has to constantly shape his nails, for his artwork. The technique involves holding the paper by the index finger and thumb and the other hand is used to move the paper around for his artworks. In this post we have included 50 Awesome NakhaChitra – Fingernail Sculpted art works by Suhas Tavkar.

By Suhas Tavkar - Nakhachitrakar

Finger-Nail-Art-Creations Finger-Nail-Art-AjantaPanel  Finger-Nail-Art-Ancient Greek Seal Finger-Nail-Art-Dragon Finger-Nail-Art-Decorative art Finger-Nail-Art-AustReafSeaHorse Finger-Nail-Art-Ear by Papa Finger-Nail-Art-Father&Son  Finger-Nail-Art-TurkanaWoman  Finger-Nail-Art-Mohenjodaro Seal   Finger-Nail-Art-American Horse Finger-Nail-Art-Saltwater fish Finger-Nail-Art-Radha Finger-Nail-Art-AjantaCave figure 

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