25 Amazing and Futuristic 3D Robot Character Designs by Benedict Campbell

25 Amazing and Futuristic 3D Robot Character Designs by Benedict Campbell

3D Robot Models - Benedict Campbell: With 20+ years experience in advertising as a photographer and digital artist, Benedict Campbell has produced images for many of the worlds leading brands. He is renown for combining his skills as photographer and digital illustrator to create bold and often hyper-real images. With Benedict Campbell's creative origins very much grounded in photography, his use of computer generated imagery has been to enhance reality, rather than detract from it. By creating a 'virtual studio' on computer, Benedict Campbell is able to create sets that can light, dress and manipulate in the same way that he can do with photography. Visit his Portfolio
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3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(18) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(17) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(16) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(15) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(14) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(13) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(12) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(3) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(7) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(6) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(20)  3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(10) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(9) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(8) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(11) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(4) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(5) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(2) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character(1) 3d-robot-benedict-campbell-amazing-beautiful-character

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