20 Creative Abstract Graphic Illustrations and Photo manipulations by Nik Ainley

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Photo manipulations by Nik Ainley : Nik Ainley has more than 10 years experience in abstract graphic illustrations and photo manipulations. Most of his illustrations are for personal use and others are commission works. He never imagined even in his wildest dreams that he would be an artist, since he graduated in Physics. He was introduced to adobe photoshop, digital illustrations in the year 2003, when he was part of the student magazine in the university. From then on his world changed forever, he was hooked onto digital world. He is constantly improvising himself in the world of 2D and 3D technologies with his creativity. In this post we have included 20 Creative Abstract Graphic Illustrations and Photo manipulations by Nik Ainley

Testing the boundaries of creativity: I’ve always had an affinity for exploration and experimentation, which is probably why I chose physics as my course of study in college. I never expected to be an artist. When I began working with the student university magazine in 2003, it was my first introduction to digital art, illustration, and Adobe Photoshop. I soon realized that my curiosity could just as easily be satisfied by exploring the depths of the creative world as it was by exploring the natural physical world. I was instantly hooked.

creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-1 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-2 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-3 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-4 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-5 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-6 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-7 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-8 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-9 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-10 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-11 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-12 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-13 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-14 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-15 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-16 creative-best-awesome-graphic-illustration-photo-manipulation-nik-ainley-17

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