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50 Beautiful Animal Logo Design examples for Inspiration

Animal logos
Tag : Logo Design02 Oct 2016 SHARE
Animal Logos: A well designed logo is a great appreciation for any designer. Logos are important for all kinds of business and it strongly impacts the target audience. Can you imagine if Coco-Cola keeps changing their logos every...
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40 Beautiful and Creative Dog logo designs for your inspiration

Dog Logos
Tag : Logo Design26 Sep 2016 SHARE
Dog Logo designs: Logo designers, are you running out of ideas for your next pet project? It's no big deal, if you seem to have reached a road block, when trying to create something for your business. We have an amazing...
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50 Professional Logo Design examples from around the world

Professional Logo Design
Tag : Logo Design20 Sep 2016 SHARE
Professional Logo design : Are you looking for some professional logo designs for your next project? You have come to the right place as we have put together creative professional logos created by professional logo designers and...
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23 Free Professional Fonts for Graphic and web Designers - Download Now

23 Free Professional Fonts for Graphic and web Designers - Download Now
Tag : Free Fonts Download07 Sep 2016 SHARE
Download Free Fonts : In this post we have added some of royalty free professional and good looking fonts for graphic and web designers. Download them instantly and start using in your next design. i hope you will like these free...
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40 Creative Fruit Logo Design examples for Inspiration

Fruit Logo
Tag : Logo Design04 Sep 2016 SHARE
Fruit logo design ideas: Everyone loves a piece of fruit and fruits are also good for health. If a business is primarily dealing with fruits, then including a fruit in your logo is great way to promote your product. Look at the...
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Top 10 Best Graphic Design Company Websites from around the world

Graphic Design Websites
Tag : Website Design30 Aug 2016 SHARE
Graphic design websites: Graphic design is a most sought after means of visual communication by many designers. In the world of marketing, advertising and even film making, graphic design plays a pivotal role and it opens doors...
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40 Creative and Beautiful Web Hosting Logo Design examples

Web Hosting Logo
Tag : Logo Design29 Aug 2016 SHARE
web hosting logo design: Web hosting is the process of giving storage space for websites and to access the same. Did you know that the first website in the world was started in 1991 and currently there are atleast 1 billion...
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40 Creative Whale logo design examples from around the world

Whale logo Design
Tag : Logo Design22 Aug 2016 SHARE
Whale logo design: Whales are associated with good spirit and to bring in abundance. You can find many whale logo designs in theme parks, water sports and businesses associated with water. Nowadays whale logo designs are...
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