Web Design Advice for Online Companies

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In a similar way to fashion, web design is subject to constant change with current trends and fads coming and going. When it comes to creating a website for your company that will leave a professional impression, it’s important to do everything that you can to keep it up to date and on trend. With businesses today relying on online interactions more than ever before when it comes to being successful and making a growing profit, it’s never been more important to have a website that’s up to date, on trend, interesting and easy for your users to navigate. We’ve listed five of the best web design tips that all online companies can use in order to improve their website and get the most from their online presence and outreach.

Web Design Advice for Online Companies

Clean and Clutter Free

One of the main things to remember when designing a website for your business is to keep the design clean and clutter free. Although interesting or unusual design elements can grab attention and be very influential in keeping visitors on your page for longer, incorporating too many different design elements can make your website look cluttered and actually have the opposite effect. If using design features such as animations, it’s a good idea to keep this to a minimum as too much could overpower your site and make it difficult to navigate and take in. For example, a banner such as the one used by Sun Bingo as the main feature on their page is a great idea that’s used by many successful websites, as it is just enough to grab attention without being too much.

Easy to Read

Depending on the website that you run, you’re likely going to have some text content on there in order to help your visitors understand more about your website and how to get around. When inputting text content to your site, one of the main things that you must take into consideration is how easy to read it is. You can do this by choosing a font that’s easy to read and understand, and by breaking down large chunks of text into smaller, easy to read sections. This is especially important for websites that have a lot of information for readers to take in, for example if you run a business blog as part of your site. A good example of this would be the Social Media Examiner blog, which is designed to be easy to read whilst capturing the attention of the reader with added links, pictures and videos.

Visual Images

Although web design trends currently say that less is more, using some pictures on your site can help to generate more interest in your content and give your visitors a clearer idea of what your website and brand is all about. This is especially important if you use your website as an e-commerce store in order to sell your products, as not only do customers want to see what they are buying before they part with their money, chances are that you will need to entice them in first of all with clear and well-posed photographs of the best products that your brand has to offer. For those who run a business blog, using images on blog post headers and even within the content can help to break it down and make it more interesting to read.

Mobile Friendly

One of the most important things to remember when designing a business website is that it will need to be mobile friendly in order to enjoy success. Today, less people are using their laptop or desktop PC’s to access the web, as a huge percentage of the population will have access to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that they can use instead. No matter which type of website you own, having a responsive web design that adapts to all devices is the best way to ensure that all of your viewers have the best experience whilst earning favour with Google at the same time!

When designing a website, it’s important to make sure that the design is in line with current trends. But, these tips are universal and can be used with every web design trend to increase visitor interest and drive traffic to your site.

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