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Kyle Donaldson Character Modeling Reel 2011

Kyle Donaldson Character Modeling Reel 2011

1- Larry David: Writer and comedian, he is the co creator of Seinfeld.

2- Delusions of Grandeur: Original design by me. No photographic reference. Done from memory.

3- Bear: Original design by me. Inspired by Pacha from The Emperors new groove. And Kowalski from Ren and Stimpy.

4- Hilda: Original concept design by me. Inspred by Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 and Agnes from Despicable Me.

5- Mrs. Doubtfire: Still a work in progress. One of my favorite comedies from my childhood.

Clay Sculptures:

1- Garrett- A character I designed modeled and textured a few years ago. Inspired by Linguine from Ratatouille.

2- One Horn Warrior- Malplaquet I did at Ex'pression College. Inspired by Frank Frazetta's work.

3- Amy- Designed modeled and textured a few years ago. Inspired by ?

4- Demon- Sculpted with Plasticine Hard. Inspired by the Film Black Swan.

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