8 Types of Video Content That Get You More Subscribers

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Video content is gaining a lot of traction for obvious reasons. Users love watching (or simply listening) to videos on YouTube, while content creators get to convey more things in an attractive, more visual way. As a result of the video boom, there are more creators trying to build a successful YouTube channel than ever before. 

8 Types of Video Content That Get You More Subscribers

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With YouTube and other video sharing platforms now filled with great creators, the way you connect with the audience and win the attention of subscribers is by producing content they love. Based on various studies, here are the 10 types of video content that will get you more subscribers.

Funny Videos
Funny videos remain the most popular type of content on YouTube and video sharing platforms. You’ll be surprised by how many funny videos get uploaded to YouTube every hour. Most of them are videos that get re-uploaded. This causes the demand for more funny videos to increase rapidly.

You don’t have to go after cats or spend your entire day trying to catch a funny moment. There are other ways to produce funny videos that viewers actually like. Staging a sketch with a couple of friends is a great way to start.

Documentary Videos
Videos explaining a historic event or exploring a specific topic in detail are also very popular among viewers. There is something about focusing on a particular subject that really engages the audience. With this type of video, you can simply explore the topics you love or the ones you know well.

People now turn to YouTube for information, which is why it is not surprising to find that tutorials are among the most popular types of video content. There are many forms of tutorial videos too, each with its own audience segment.

A straightforward tutorial video on a subject or a walkthrough video of a DIY project is the best way to enter this segment. You can also make your own explainer video or whiteboard animations if you have tips and tricks to share. Click here to learn more about how to create an effective whiteboard animation.

Short Films
Video sharing platforms really give a lot of content creators opportunities to share their work with a wider audience. There are so many great short films that you can watch on YouTube alone. The list of great short films is worth exploring because you will find much inspiration to make your own.

Creating your own short film may seem like a tall order at first, but you don’t have to have a big production to tell a good story. Start with something basic and grow your audience by producing more films for the video sharing platform of your choice.

Recaps and News
Many news outlets are now posting snippets of their broadcasts to YouTube and other video sharing platforms. There is a big audience for news and recap videos, especially with so many things going on around the world.

While you may not be able to produce your own news videos, you can easily do a recap of important news and give your own opinion regarding the latest updates. It won’t be long before you start having a loyal audience waiting for your next upload.

Daily Vlogs
The term “Vlog” actually means a lot of things. Daily vlog is a genre of vlog that shows the audience everyday activities. A new video is posted every day and fresh content is delivered to the audience in its raw or near-raw state.

Daily vlogs are demanding to do, but they are perfect for boosting your channel. Regular uploads will take your channel to new heights, mainly because you retain a lot of viewers with regularly scheduled uploads.

Review Videos
Another popular genre is review videos. In the old days, review videos were made in a certain way. Today, the creative mind behind some of the most successful review channels has turned reviews into a form of art.

Unbox Therapy is a good example of how unboxing videos – which are usually boring – can garner a loyal audience. You too can find a unique way to review products and tell the audience what you think.

Travel Vlogs
Another form of vlog that is also very popular is the travel vlog. Travel vlogs are made in a similar way to daily vlogs. They are often crude and natural in terms of the editing as well as the content itself. That natural feel – that crudeness – makes the videos more relatable.

Travel vlogs require you to travel and talk about the trip, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money or be in an exotic place. Content creation is all about telling a story, and there are a lot of stories to tell as you visit local landmarks and interesting places.

All of these video genres and types are easy to produce. You just have to be willing to go the extra mile and give your videos special touches. Upload regularly and you will see the number of people subscribing to your channel growing at a steady pace.

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