Underwater Photography Tips and Tricks

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Underwater Photography Tips: Capturing underwater photos is pretty difficult technique to master. But once you master the technique, you can witness stunning shots which simply takes your breath away. In this post we have included 25 Incredible Award Winning Underwater Photography examples for your inspiration. Through underwater photography, people can see the beautiful creatures that live underwater. I'm sure you went ga-ga after watching the movie "Finding Nemo", so get ready for some splash, get on your scuba gears and explore the sea for some exquisite underwater photography.Here are some stunning and award winning pictures of live corals, jellyfish, squids, sea turtles, sharks and even babies all set to blow your mind away.

Underwater Photography Tips and Tricks

1 - Get close to your subject - preferably within 12 inches. Water reduces color, contrast, and sharpness.

2 - Make sure your camera flash is turned on, preferable in "forced flash mode."

3 - For best composition - get low, shoot at an upwards angle, don't center the subject, try to fill your frame with the subject. Don't shoot "down" at the subject.

4 - Make sure the subject's eyes are in focus.

5 - Get your diving skills down before you start using a camera underwater.

6 - Practice topside with your camera inside the housing. Try taking close-ups of flowers and household objects.

7 - To minimize backscatter, buy an external strobe/flash and position it away from your underwater camera housing.

8 - Set your camera to the highest resolution, and the lowest ISO to begin with.

9 - Use auto white-balance when using a flash/strobe, and custom white balance or underwater mode when not using a flash.

10 - Learn how to use manual mode or aperture priority mode if your camera offers it, so you control the balance between the natural light and the light from your flash.

11 - If you are shooting with natural light, shoot in 20ft of water or less, with the sun behind you.

12 - For quickest focus, use spot focus mode. Learn how to focus on an area without taking a photo (pressing the shutter button halfway) and recomposing.

13 - If your underwater photos don't look sharp, check to see which shutter speed was used, it should needs to be 1/30th for still objects, 1/60th for slow moving objects, and 1/125th of faster for faster moving fish.

14 - Most underwater photos can use an increase in contrast when post-processing your photos - but don't overdo it.

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