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25 Different Types of Painting Techniques and Styles

Types Of Paintings

Types of Paintings : Painting is the art of splashing colours with the help of brushes in a certain way to create an art. Painting can be done on almost any surface and they can be digital(on computers) or manual using paints and brushes.  There are different kinds of painting materials like sand, paper, clay and many more. Painting is all about creativity, so artists don't restrict themselves to only limited medium and materials, it's an ever growing process. There are different types of painting styles but modern style of painting is the most sought after technique, it allows the artist to bringforth his/her ideas on the canvas with a mixture of modernism, abstract and surreal techiques. There are different styles of painting like abstract art, conceptual art, Hyperrealism, pop art, Futurism, Impressionism and so on. As artists you can focus on single styles or a combination of styles.

Types of Paintings


Types of Painting Techniques

Oil painting

Oil painting can be a messy task and can be quite scary for beginners. Oil painting is suitable for almost all kinds of styles. You get to work with smooth texture of paint and it has a wonderful scent to it. Oil paint uses some drying oil as a binder to the pigments, which gives the wonderful buttery feel to the paint. The most common drying oils used as a binder are walnut oil, linseed oil, poppy seed oil and many more. Oil painting was first used by Indian and Chinese artists in the 5th century, but it became popular only in the 15th century.

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Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting is usually done on the paper. In this particuar type of painting, one uses water based solutions to mix the colors and hence the name water color painting. Compared to oil painting, watercolor painting is also similarly tough task. Nowadays you have plenty of artists trying out realistic looking portraits using watercolors. The mixing of colors is very crucial in this, since too much of anything, changes the shade of the colors.

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Pastel painting

Pastel sticks are normally used to create the pastel paintings. Using pastel sticks you can immediately start drawing and coloring, it uses the same binding pigments, except pastel sticks are a powder form which are bound together using a binding agent, and they are readymade. If you are looking for pure and deep colors, then it's highly recommended to use the pastel sticks. Pastel paintings can be done on canvas, so you can do beautiful layering of colors with pastels.

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Acrylic painting

If you are looking for faster drying painting, then acrylic painting is the best. These are water soluble paints, yet once the painting is complete, it turns water resistant. Interesting fact isnt't it? Most hobbyists love to work with acrylic paints. For sculptures, moulding, facial features, many artists use acrylic painting. It is easier to clean the brushes after ise, since acrylic paints need only water to wash them off.

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Acrylic Painting


Sand painting

Painting on sand can be quite messy and it's a temporary art. The sand painting can be captured on video using speed motion, to understand how the artist works on them. It's normally done with minimal light, but has a focus light under the table where the sand painting is being created. Sand painting is created using coloured sands, which is moved around on a fixed surface using hands. It is practised in many countries and is known by several names, in India it's known as kolam or rangoli.
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Digital painting

Digital painting is the art of creating artwork on a computer, which makes it resemble a watercolor painting, oil painting or even an acrylic painting. A digitally prepared oil painting and manually done oil painting will have plenty of differences, since you have access to plenty of other textures and instruments which are easily available on the system. Yes, you don't have to worry about paint spills a standing for long hours. You can do the same art in a relaxed manner, at the comfort of your homes.

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 Other Techniques : Ink Painting, Hot wax painting, Spray Painting, Fresco, Gouache, Enamel and Tempera


Types of painting Styles

There are many different types of painting styles, you can focus on a particular style or do a combination of styles. The most sought after painting style by most artists is the western style. In the western style you can find modernism, cubism, surrealism, expressionism, abstract style ad impressionism. In the eastern style you will be exposed to the Chinese, Japanese and Indian paintings. You might be impressed by a certain form of painting style or even history around out. Whatever the case maybe, painting is all about letting your inner creativity on a piece of canvas, which will be totally liberating. Also explore
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