Top 6 Most Popular Microstock Photographers and their Images

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Microstock photography is a great way for aspiring photographers to monetize their talents. But with such a wide range of topics to choose from, which are the most profitable forms of photography? Below are 6 photographers who have made the selling list at

Armed with her Nikon D800, Anna Subbotina’s studio shots of beautiful women and their flawless locks never fail to entice microstock buyers from around the world.

Iryna Kurhan’s work focuses on the popularity of business themed photos. With her extensive list of corporate-styled photo shoots, Kurhan is a microstock favorite.

Estoniaian Juri Samsonov’s collection of water splashes and ripple effects are some of the best around. Both varied and vivid, they’re a constant feature in the top sale rankings.

Thailand’s Nopporn Suntorn’s compositions of corporate and business imagery fit perfectly into corporate presentations and consultation and website.

Moldovan Maxim Basinski’s 3D images are the perfect assets for creatives looking to add contemporary yet edgy elements into their works.

Finally, Leung Hiu Yin’s compositions of social media tools and applications continue to push her work to the top of the client list as more companies take notice of social media.
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