A sculpture in memory of Tombili cat who rocked the internet world

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A sculpture of 'Tombili Cat' will be unveiled on October 4th in memories of the cat which rocked the social media platform because of it's carefree nature idling away on footpath of sidewalk in Istanbul’s Ziverbey neighborhood. This popular cat passed away on August 10th and in honor of the World Animal Day which falls on October 4th, his sculpture will be unveiled on the exact spot where he became popular. The sculpture was created by Seval Sahin whihc resembles the cat's iconic pose.
tombili cat sculpture tombili cat sculpture According to local residents, Tombili was known for his cool and carefree behavior toward people who tried to play with him, as reflected in the photo of him relaxing on the sidewalk. His death was announced by a notice which was hung on a tree at the Gulec Street, reading: “You will live on in our hearts.”
tombili cat sculpture After the iconic photograph of Tombili the cat, many internet memes which included the cat posing with a teacup, relaxing on a friday with a tea cup and many more went viral on social media platforms.
tombili cat sculpture

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