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25 Creative Surreal Artworks by Cuban Artist Ignacio Nazabal

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Jorge Ignacio Nazabal is a well known painter from Havana, Cuba. The surreal style of Nazabal took him on exhibitions all over the world where he showed his creative art with his limitless imagination. Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Havana, 1980-1985. Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro, 1996-2000 Most important group exhibitions . Reflect AIDS, House Benito Juárez , Nov. 1996. Faccone Gallery The Acacia , Nov. 1997. Playa Lounge Gallery Servando Cabrera Moreno, May-June 1999. Yard Art Gallery Ravenet Sunday, Sept. 1999 The man and the time, Humboldt House Gallery, June 2000. i hope you will like these surreal art works / or surreal paintings.

25 Creative Surreal Artworks by Cuban Artist Ignacio Nazabal

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