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Mind-blowing Street Art works by Polish artist Natalie Rak

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Street Art: Natalie Rak is a Street artist from Poland. She loves travelling to different places and creates wonderful street art on modern and old buildings. Most of her characters for the street art are women and children in stunning scenaries and fantasy land. According to her biography,"A graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz. The Diploma of Spatial and Poster Design in Professor SÅ‚awomir Iwanski atelier. Is passionate about painting since 10 years. For three years associated with street art. Participated in several group exhibitions in Poland, among others First Street art Auction in Poland - Rempex Gallery in Warsaw. She paints the many faces of women. In her colorful paintings creates a mood, mystery and metaphor". Her street art is quite popular within the art community and she takes on commission work. You can see more of her work on.

Mind-blowing Street Art works by Polish artist Natalie Rak

Nature street art by natalie raknature street art Rebel street art by natalie rakrebel street art Escape street art by natalie rakescape street art Lady street art by natalie raklady street art

Love street art by natalie raklove street art Water street art by natalie rakwater street art Breaking street art by natalie rakbreaking street art Boy street art by natalie rakboy street art Catchingsun street art by natalie rakcatchingsun street art Blindfold street art by natalie rakblindfold street artAuthor Link:

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