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Fantastic Work Of Locustsongs Brings Life to Street Art

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The street art of Locustsongs gives aesthetic pleasure and thus attracts attention as a form of art provocation. He was born and raised up in Michigan but later shifted to San Francisco where he proved himself as an eminent street artist. He admits that smoking weed made him creative through hallucination. His work is free from perceived confines of the formal art world. Locustsongs feels circuitry is how he expresses the energy that moves through things.Through his imagination and creativity he brings to life the circuitry and anatomy for the viewer which would otherwise be invisible to normal eyes.

Fantastic Work Of Locustsongs Brings Life to Street Art

Watch Buffalo Mural by Locustsongs

Locustsongs uses house paint/mural paint for street art and acrylics and markers for paintings. He is a self-taught artist whose works are whimsical and he feels that art should go beyond gallery.

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