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Mammoth Size Rice Straw Sculpture - 2017 Wara Art Festival Japan

It's the harvest festival time in Japan. Japanese are known to be very frugal and do not waste any bit of scrap. After the harvest, the straw is fed to the livestock, enhancing soil and also donated to the annual Wara Art Festival which is held at the Uwasekigata Park. This is the 10th edition of the Wara Art festival and this year we have giant size straw animal sculptures like gorilla, dinosaur, snake, roaring lion and so on. The Wara Art Festival started in the year 2008, when the Niigata’s farming community contacted the local Musashino Art University to come up with some creative designs for their excess straws. So every year art students from Musashino Art University use these straws to create massive beasts in the Uwasekigata Park. These massive beast sculptures will be displayed till Oct 31 2017. Our favorites were the might rhinoceros, humble ant, giant crab, so what is your favourite beast sculpture.

Mammoth Size Rice Straw Sculpture - 2017 Wara Art Festival Japan

Gorilla rice straw sculpture1-gorilla-rice-straw-sculpture Crocodile rice straw sculpture2-crocodile-rice-straw-sculpture Lion rice straw sculpture3-lion-rice-straw-sculpture Rhino rice straw sculpture4-rhino-rice-straw-sculpture Rhino rice straw sculpture5-rhino-rice-straw-sculpture Bull rice straw sculpture6-bull-rice-straw-sculpture Crab rice straw sculpture7-crab-rice-straw-sculpture Dino rice straw sculpture8-dino-rice-straw-sculpture Mammoth rice straw sculpture9-mammoth-rice-straw-sculpture Ant rice straw sculpture10-ant-rice-straw-sculpture Tortoise rice straw sculpture11-tortoise-rice-straw-sculpture

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