Pixel Lab Announces Steampunk Contest Entries Accepted till May 30th

Design: Pixel Lab encourages people who have a talent to make their home projects with immense detail and passion. To honor the passionate steam punk model designers around the world, a new contest alert has been started by Pixel Lab. The new modeling, texture, light, rendering and learning contest theme is 'Transportation'. The steampunk model design can be any kind of vehicle like airplane, train, stations bus stop, motorized/un-motorized which can be based on real life or sci-fi. The model design pictures can be sent to  joren@thepixellab.net.. Entry is free. Participation from worldwide is accepted.

Pixel Lab Announces Steampunk Contest Entries Accepted till May 30th


Winner will receive a bundle of their choice from (Mega Pack, Redshift Bundle, Octane Bundle, Element 3D Bundle)

We are looking forward to some fun and inspiring projects and it also serves as a learning for newbies. According to Pixel Lab,"We are a team of Artists. Our goal at the pixel lab is always to gather experts who can bring you the best tools, training and assets to help you grow in your design career". Pixel lab offers customized 3D Modelling, so if you are looking for some experts, you can visit their official website.

Aeroplane steampunk 3d design by blotch1aeroplane steampunk 3d design by blotch1 Steampunk 3d design by manosartsteampunk 3d design by manosart Steampunk 3d design by foxeyesteampunk 3d design by foxeye Steampunk 3d design by fnsb13steampunk 3d design by fnsb13 Steampunk 3d design by maxxisteampunk 3d design by maxxi Steampunk 3d design by worth1000steampunk 3d design by worth1000 Steampunk 3d design by rusted39pickiessteampunk 3d design by rusted39pickies

Steampunk 3d design by frsharksteampunk 3d design by frshark Steampunk 3d design by icyallsteampunk 3d design by icyall

For more Contest Information, Visit Pixel Labwww.thepixellab.net/new-contest-transportation

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