It's time to say goodbye to Google Panoramio on November 4th

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Google Panoramio was the most sought destination for photographers and travellers. If someone wanted to view more pictures about the places they are planning to visit, they can search the location and view the pictures available on them. Now the same feature is available on the Google Maps. So the company plans to shut down the Google Panoramio permanently on November 4th. Photos which are available on the Panoramio, will be made available on Google Maps, so there is nothing much lost here.

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Initially users of Panoramio were not happy with the decision taken by Google, but their frets and cries have not changed the company from closing the services which is just few weeks away. Initially it was all set to close in 2014, due to the outcry of petitioners, it has been pushed further and now it's just a few weeks away. The company has assured that Panoramio users who have linked their google accounts will have their photos automatically uploaded to the Google album with HD resolutions. Once the service has been stopped, the company will still allow it's panoramio users to access their photos till November 2017, but new uploads and edits will be restricted.

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If you are interested in exporting the pictures permanently, then Google users can use Google Takeout for the exporting the pictures.  

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