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25 Cool Optical Illusion Pictures to challenge your mind

Optical Illusion
An visual illusion also called as optical illusion is characterized by visually perceived images that different from real object. Optical illusions or visual illusions are fascinating visual phenomena. Here is an amazing...
Photography17 Feb 2016
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20 Beautiful Still Life Flower Photography examples by Philippa Stanton

Still Life Photography Flowers
Still Life Photography Flowers : Artist and Photographer Philippa Stanton is perhaps best known for her charming table top compositions filled with an assortment of natural treasures, old books and often her mug of tea. There...
Photography15 Feb 2016
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15 Top and Good Photography Schools from around the world

Photography Schools
Photography Schools: Photography is an art of capturing emotions, milestones, memories on a digital media. The art of photography has been practised for many years, from black & white grainy Polaroid’s to modern...
Photography19 Jan 2016
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40 Beautiful Incredible india Photography examples by Steve Mccurry

40 Beautiful Incredible india Photography examples by Steve Mccurry
Incredible India is Government of India's international advertising campaign to promote tourism in India. It was started in 2002. Incredible India photography captures the most beautiful places, cultures, spirituality, yoga etc...
Photography15 Jan 2016
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40 Top Wedding Photographers from around the world

Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photographers: Wedding Photography is a creative art which helps document the best moments of one’s lives through a photojournalistic approach. There are many talented artists who give up their high paid jobs...
Photography03 Jan 2016
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50 Funny Photos around the world that will cheer you up today

Funny Photos
Funny Photos : A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. Through photographs, we preserve history - our child's first steps, a decaying landscape, or rare and endangered animals. We use photographs to recall the first...
Photography30 Oct 2015
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25 Beautiful Candid Photography examples around the world

Candid Photography
Candid Photography is taken while in motion, without creating a posed appearance. so it allows capturing the natural expressions like screeching in delight or winking in the most natural way. This is achieved by avoiding prior...
Photography15 Oct 2015
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40 Best and Beautiful Vintage Photography examples - part 2

40 Best and Beautiful Vintage Photography examples - part 2
Vintage photography : Although modernization is happening every day, people still opt for vintage photos that have the touch of something aged and old. Vintage photography has seen a surge in popularity by not only hobbyist but...
Photography05 Oct 2015
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