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Win 1 Million USD - Snapshot Millionaire Photography contest

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Aiming to be the world's richest photo contest snapshot millionaire is launched only for amateur photographers of the world. The first prize contestant funded target of $1 million USD is offered exclusively to enthusiasists, Instagrammers, Facebookers, Snappers and Shutterbugs around the world. There are around 400 million photos uploaded and shared on social media everyday, snapshot gives an opportunity to share their skills and passion. It expects the entry fees will fund the expected total prize of $1.1 million dollars. The contest is open from September 1, 2017 and will take entries till the prize pool approaches the target.

Win 1 Million USD - Snapshot Millionaire Photography contest

Watch winning tips from Adam Monk

Category :

  • There are 16 categories which includes selfies and funnies,capture the sky, pets and wildlife,flowers and nature, retro and vintage, fashion and beauty, sun,sea and landscape, family,friends and people,food and drink, travel and tourism, street and nightlife, sports and action, babies, aerials and drones, architecture and patterns, and the dance. 

Eligibility :

  • Contest is open only for amateurs which means they have to earn less than 20,000 USD per year from their photographic endeavors or their primary income is not derived from photography.

Prizes :

  • First prize winner will get $1 million
  • Category winners in each category will receive $5000
  • 20 winners per week will receive $50

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Snapshot millionaire photo contest5-snapshot-millionaire-photo-contest

Snapshot millionaire photo contest6-snapshot-millionaire-photo-contest Snapshot millionaire photo contest7-snapshot-millionaire-photo-contest Snapshot millionaire photo contest8-snapshot-millionaire-photo-contest Snapshot millionaire photo contest9-snapshot-millionaire-photo-contest Snapshot millionaire photo contest10-snapshot-millionaire-photo-contest

To enter the contest, visit snapshotmillionaire

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