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Beautiful Minimalism Inspired Paintings by Heidi Annalise

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Heidi Annalise is a self taught artist from Colorado. She enjoys creating small watercolor paintings which seem to merge with the nature. All that she takes is a tiny box, some colors and her paintbrush, so while enjoying the beautiful nature, she creates these lovely small paintings. Heidi left her high paced job to pursue her passion in art. She enjoys travelling around Colorado and brings the beauty of nature to life by her paintings. Her paintings are inspired from realism and minimalism and sometimes it's a mixture of both. We love the use of her colors which makes her paintings stand out from the crowd. We loved the beautiful mountains of Colorado, rivers, autumn - the trees look so vibrant, little fishes swimming in the lake. Have a look at her beautiful artwork and you can also purchase them online through her website.

Beautiful Minimalism Inspired Paintings by Heidi Annalise

Miniature painting by heidi annalise1-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise2-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise3-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise4-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise

Miniature painting by heidi annalise5-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise6-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise7-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise8-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise9-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise10-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise11-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise12-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise13-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise14-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise Miniature painting by heidi annalise15-miniature-painting-by-heidi-annalise

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