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20 Famous Monet Paintings and Landscape artworks

Monet Paintings

Monet Paintings: Oscar Claude Monet was a French artist who started the impressionism in the art culture. Monet paintings focus mainly on lights and shade thus the term impression was coined to Claude Monet artwork. He was born in France on Nov 14th 1840. Monet Claude’s father worked in the family shipping business and his mother was a professional singer. Even at early age, Monet was never interested in class room teaching, during class hours he used to sit and stare at the changing landscapes. Instead of taking notes, his school books were filled with caricatures of teachers and of his friends.

Monet Paintings

Monet’s life changed when he met Eugene Boudin and talented landscape artist. He acted as the mentor for monet and taught him the basics of paintings. Monet was quite famous for his charcoal caricatures of people whom he met. To follow his art passion, Monet enrolled himself at the Barbizon school of art to qualify himself as an artist. His best friends at school were the famous painters Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley and Frederic Bazille. Monet water lilies series of paintings won a lot of apprecaiation from the art community. Throughout his artistic life, Monet struggled to make ends meet. i hope you will enjoy monet painting and his famous monet water lilies artworks

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