Top Logo Design Contest Website Review -48hourslogo vs 99designs vs designcontests vs designcrowd

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Getting your new business logo designed online is now easier than ever, thanks to the growing popularity of online logo design contests. Utilizing the power of crowdsourcing, small businesses can now have logo designers from around the world competing online to create their custom logos. A simple Google search will return a dozen logo contest websites. So which one is the best? 

Top 4 logo contest websites:
Based on popularity, number of new contests started each day, and the overall quality of theirdesigns; we have narrowed down our comparison to the following 4 top logo contest websites.
Top logo contest website: 48hourslogo vs. 99designs vs.designcontests vs. designcrowd

Price Comparison

The cool part about running a logo design contest is that you can set your own budget. Generally, the higher the budget the more designs you will receive. However, there are also minimum budget requirements for each site. So let’s take a look how much will it cost to run a contest on each of these four sites.

From the chart above, we can clearly see that in terms of minimum contest budget, 99designs and 48hourslogo are respectively the most and least expensive options. For the average cost and average number of design entries, I pulled the 50 most recent contests from each site and calculated the average. 

Cost per design is obtained by dividing the average cost by the average number of design entries. Cost per design provides a statistic measure on the contest ROI. On average, it cost $4.90 to obtain a design concept at 99designs vs. only $3.50 at 48hourslogo. Therefore, in terms of receiving the best bang for your buck, 48hourslogo is the leader among the group. 

However, what’s interesting are the fees and commissions charged by each website. 99designs did not publicly disclose the fees they charge for each contest, but according to this post [], it’s about 40% of the total paid by the contest holder. For designcrowd, the $50 + 15% can work out to about 35%, which also seems very high. Now we know why every time we search in Google, these two companies’ ads are always listed as the top two. 

Feature Comparison

There are a set of standard features offered by every logo contest website. Some of them are useful, but some of them are just tricks to extract more money from the contest holders. The following feature chart is organized from the most useful to the least useful features, along with the prices that each site charges.

Blind Contest

A blind contest option is useful because the participating designers cannot see other’s design entries; therefore, maximizing the overall design creativeness in a contest. All sites offer this option free of charge, except for designContest, which charges a separate $39. 

Private Contest : For companies who do not want their brand information to be publicly viewable online, this option is a must.

Featured Contest :
Featured contests are usually listed at the top of the list to attract more designers. 

Set Contest Duration :
Allow you to control exactly how long (or how short) you want to run your contest for.

Invite Designer : Asking specific designers to join your contest. 

Highlight, Blog, etc…

Basically, it’s a variation of the “featured contest” upgrade. I seriously doubt that putting additional highlights or displaying it in the blog section will attract more designers to a contest. Putting the additional money towards the contest prize will offer a better return, and thereforethese features offer very little benefit for the contest holders. 

For all above features, they are essentially additional profit margins for the website because none of what you pay here will go to the actual logo designers. So if we add up all the features at 99designs, you will pay a whopping $235 more on top of the base package price.
The best of the group is, again, 48hourslogo. It charges a very moderate price for each upgrade and their total feature upgrades amount to just $54. : One other logo design website that's worthy to be mentioned here is It's not typical logo contest website but it offers something quite interesting. Basically it works like an online logo generator, but with their custom logos created by real designers. you can order as many logo concepts you like and only pay $49 own the logo you actually decide to use.

The best logo contest website is
Remember, the four logo contest websites featured here are already top players in the industry. Each site has hosted thousands of design competitions with mostly satisfied customers. So you can’t go wrong when choosing any one of them. However, after this detailed analysis and comparison, our winner is:

48hourslogo charges the lowest fees and gives the best bang for your buck. With an average project cost of $168 and cost per design being just $3.50, your money will probably go the furthest with this company. I also like the fact that their website design is both simple and effective. This offers a higher level of transparency between designers and contest holders.

So, if you need a custom logo design for your new business, 48hourslogo will offer the best bang for your buck. Now they are running a special for webneel readers, where you will get a free “Featured Contest” upgrade. Just click on the following link to get started.
Author : Ping He

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