7 Reasons for hosting a Logo Contest at Logo Arena

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If you are in the process of launching a new business, your logo should be one of your top priorities because it's how people will instantly recognize you. A good logo design not only helps your customers associate a product line or service with your brand but will also present your company as an established enterprise. Also, to stand out of your competitors you need an original and well-designed logo. Following are the 7 reasons why you should employ Logo Arena for your logo design requirement.

1. Professional designer community

Logo Arena only lets professional graphic designers take part in logo contests. A thorough vetting of designers’ community makes it very hard for amateur designers to become part of Logo Arena community, and constant monitoring of the existing designer community with strict copyrights rules and other regulatory processes, make Logo Arena one of the most reliable logo design services you can find on-line.


2. Choose your logo from many design options

A typical logo contest at Logo Arena receives an average of 90 design entries. You will have a large amount of ideas to choose from. The more you offer as a prize amount, the higher level of participation will be driven to your contest. At the end, you will have 50 to 200+ design options to choose your next logo. A traditional design firm usually offers only a handful of design options prepared by one or two designers, but at Logo Arena you are more likely to find satisfaction by choosing from a large set of concepts designed by dozens of designers from around the world.


3. Unlimited revisions

Not only will you receive many options to choose from, but once you select the design you like the most, you can work with the designers to make changes and revisions as much as you like. Theoretically, there is no limit on the number of revisions you would like to make to your final selection; Logo Arena’s top goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. This is another area where they differ from a traditional design firm that will give you 3-5 revisions once you have selected a concept from a handful of options they provide.


4. Money back guarantee

Logo Arena offers anywhere from 50% to 100% money back guarantee, depending on the package you choose and the amount of entries you receive. Logo Arena is fair to both their clients as well as their designer community. They have established a number of possible scenarios according to which their refund policy gets activated. For example, if you have paid for one of the bigger packages, you would receive up to 80% refund if you have received more than 75 entries and are still unsatisfied, and a 100% refund if you didn't receive at least 75 entries. They offer some incentive to designers for their hard work as long as the minimum number of entries exceeds a pre-defined level of participation.


5. Easy selection process

Once a contest has started, there will be overwhelming participation from designers with many incoming designs to manage. Logo Arena offers front end management tool that will help you short-list and rank entries based on your personal preference. If you like a design but believe it can be improved, you can simply click on that design which will lead you to a page where you can leave a comment and ask the designer to make whatever changes you’d like to see in the design. The designers usually respond quickly within a day.


6. Quick Turnaround

It usually takes a week for your logo to be finalized. From the get go, Logo Arena will allow you to set your own time limit for the contest. Usually you can select 5 or 7 days contest length. You have to make sure that you participate in the contest by providing feedback and ranks to the incoming designs to encourage participation. As long as you do that, you will get the most out of your contest. You can request revisions during the live stage of the contest, as well as during the judgement stage which will be another 7 days. You can take few hours to all 7 judgement days to finalize your logo. In most cases, a logo is delivered within a week. Once you select a final design, the designer of that logo will be quickly paid with the prize amount you selected during the contest launch.


7. It is so much fun!

Last but not least, it is a fun process for getting a logo designed. You should check out testimonials on Logo Arena website which are full of satisfied customers with interesting stories. We observed many testimonials where customers are so overwhelmed with good designs that it becomes very hard to select one logo, instead they want to pay 2nd and 3rd ranked designers for their logos as well. Well, it’s a good dilemma to be in rather than finding yourself in a position where you didn't like a single design from a design agency. At the end, designers love participating in a contest and clients love their involvement of the selection process.

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