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Add Light Painting Effect to your Photos - Photo Editing App

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PABLO - the new app released for iOS allow the user to tap into their creativity to create masterpieces with light, allowing them to feel like a modern day Picasso — or rather, the photographer Gjon Mili, who most notably used light in his art works. It allow the user to easily capture photos and videos using lightpainting, a photography technique that consists of the artist taking a photo with a long exposure while moving a source of light. Without any professional knowledge everyone can use this advanced technology of photography with the touch of screen.

Add Light Painting Effect to your Photos - Photo Editing App

The shutter design of the smartphone camera denies to shoot a long exposure, which is necessary for creating light paintings. Light painting combines a slow shutter speed with the motion of a light source — anything from sparklers and flashlights to traffic or fireworks — to create patterns in photographs. The elctronic shutter of the smartphone is problem for light painting which requires slow shutter speedwith motion of light source. Pablo, developed by professional light painters introduces light painting to mobile photographers.
According to its developers, Pablo is the only dedicated light-painting app designed by professional light painters, and is among the minority as an app that uses technique over filters. Pablo is a new company, formed as a joint venture between LightBomber, a professional light-painting company based in Brooklyn, New York, and Imperial Creation, an app development company based in Cairo, Egypt.

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Download for IOS

Pablo is not available for Android. Create amazing light painted photos without having an expensive reflex camera using Lightpainting camera app for Android. Fake light painting never was so easy. Professional results in a really easy way, just paint with your finger some light strokes, select colors and patterns and render the effect.Share with your friends amazing and beautiful glowing effects in your photos. Lightpainting Camera app is available in Google playstore for $1.

Download For Android:

light painting camera app light painting camera app light painting camera app

light painting camera app

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