Kreativ Font showcase 500 of the new fonts available

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Finding inspiring fonts is hard, but Kreativ Font can help you with that by showcasing a huge collection of the best typefaces out there on just one page.
500 fonts on one page: From the start Kreativ Font showcase 500 of the new fonts available. You can simply scroll down the page and look at the fonts thumbnails to choose what you need for the next project. After you see a font that you find inspiring, simply click on it to see more details about it. On every font page there’s also a selection of related fonts displayed at the bottom as thumbnails that may give you new cool typographic ideas.

The free fonts
Kreativ Font have also started to create their own typefaces like Gagoo, Toranaga, Oceania etc. Check out the Kreativ Font Freebies page and get ready to download their growing collection of free fonts.

Font App for Chrome
If you use the Chrome browser, you may find that Font App is a very useful Chrome browser and Chrome OS app that will present you the latest fonts, the font and freebies without going to their website everyday.

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