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Sip your Mario themed cocktail in the Mushroom Kingdom - Interior Designing

Sip your Mario themed cocktail in the Mushroom Kingdom - Interior Designing
Interior Design : The Cherry Blossom Pub is a limited time pop-up in Mockingbird Hill, a popular sherry and tapas restaurant and bar in the Shaw neighborhood. People in Washington, D.C. are lining up for hours together to...
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35 Beautiful Modern Living Room Interior Design examples

Modern living room
Modern living room : Whether you’re enjoying family game night or entertaining guests during a party, there is no better place to congregate with family and friends than the living room or family room. True to its name, it'...
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25 Most Beautiful Restaurant Designs and Bar Interior Designs

Restaurant Design
Here are some of the award winning restaurant designs from around the world for your inspiration. You might be surprised what a little bit of interior design can do to a small or large restaurants. In this post we have included...
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Top 10 Interior Design Schools and Colleges from India

Interior Design Schools in India
Indian Interior design schools : India is known for centuries old architecture and Design. So it's natural for indian students to to get equipped in interior design techniques as well. In this post we have added Top 10 interior...
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30 Modern Office Design ideas and Home Office Design Tips

Office Design
Modern and Home Office design Ideas : Are you a bit cramped for space or are you looking to add some splash of colour to your office, here are some awesome tips for both home office design and modern office design. In this post...
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50 Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas and Designs for Living room Bedroom Kitchen

Wall Painting Ideas
Wall Paint Color ideas: How often do we wake up to boring and dull colors in our home and wish for a change of color on the walls? You can bring more colour to your home with vibrant looking wall paint designs for every occasion...
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Top 20 Best Interior Design Schools in the world in 2015

Interior Design Schools
Interior design schools are a very much sought after course by students as it offers a rewarding career. Best interior design schools help students to develop sophisticated technical and creative skills that is very much...
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25 Creative and Beautiful Stage Design examples from around the world

Stage design
Stage design works are very much in demand, be it a political event, wedding or a musical launch, stage designs are required by everyone. Before the digital era, movie makers used to rely a lot on stage designs to create...
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