How the Internet can affect your child

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How the Internet can affect your child: The invention of the internet has taken social interaction to a new level, allowing us to access and share information like never before. Internet forums and social networking websites are helping people get to know one another and interact with a much wider audience than they possibly can in their physical lives. However, along with these privileges come a number of challenges one may face.

Cyberbullying, a term that was unheard of in the pre-internet era, occurs when a child is harassed, humiliated or threatened by another child via the internet or cellular technology. Its effects on the child’s health and sanity can be dire. Victims of bullying have a high risk of depression and anxiety disorders. They may go through behavioral changes which include feelings of overwhelming sadness, loss of interest in studies or entertainment, disturbed sleep and decreased appetite. In severe cases children might become chronic psychiatric patients and even commit suicide.

Since a lot of times bullied children are too embarrassed to share their painful experiences, their parents remain unaware of the problem which may eventually progress to a mental condition. For this reason, parents need to be wary and take necessary steps to make sure their child is not a victim of this juvenile delinquency:

  • Take note of any changes in the child’s behavior: Is your child acting strange, not talking as much as he/she normally does, or spending a lot of time locked up in his/her room? Try to talk about it in privacy and give your child a chance to open up.
  • Track your child’s cyber activities: Thiscan be done by installing a spy app in their phone. It allows you to view his/her communications remotely and secretly. If your child is receiving any threats or offensive messages via SMS or e-mail, you can easily access them along with the sender’s details. With spy apps you can keep an eye on your child without having to interrogate.
  • Take necessary action: Once you manage to trace the ID of the culprit, take immediate action. Talk to your child’s school administration about the issue and ask them to intervene. Schools have strict rules against bullying and you will mostly receive a positive response.
  • General measures: There are some other steps you will need to take in order to ensure the physical and mental well-being of your children. Place your personal computer in the lounge so that you can see what your children are doing on the screen. Laptops should also be used in the open. Monitor their browsing history and keep a check on the websites your children visit. If you want to have the usernames and passwords for their e-mail accounts and social networking sites, you will need the help of mSpy keylogger feature. With the help of it you will be able to access every keystroke within their smartphone or tablet.

Explain to your children the need of taking these precautions for their own safety. Once they are given enough time to adjust, they will start cooperating and following your set rules even in your absence.

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