How to Choose the Best Corporate Brochure Design for Your Business

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Brochures are an excellent way to present your business’ products and services to potential customers and returning clients alike. Since the brochure is meant to give readers an overview of your business’ mission as well as the products and/or services you provide, it needs to be designed in a way that it sets the right tone. Choosing a professionally designed brochure, like the corporate brochure designs by Designhill  can give your business the marketing edge it needs to expand and maintain your customer base.

Marketing with Brochures
AART Design explains that brochures are used for more targeted marketingthan what can be achieved with a flyer. Another name for a brochure is a pamphlet. Basically, a brochure is a standard sheet of paper that is folded to create separate panels that highlight individual aspects of a business. AART notes that brochures are more complex to design and print because each panel has its own margins, images, and text. The text is meant to be detailed enough to give interested customers the information they need to choose a product or service from what is offered by a business. The information presented in your business’ brochure should be concise yet comprehensive. AART explains that the target audience of a brochure is people who are interested in a company, product, or service. This type of marketing tool has low throw-away expectations, as it is assumed that a person will only take a brochure if they have an interest in the information it contains. Brochures are generally given out after an initial sales pitch and at trade shows, or displayed at banks, doctor’s offices, and near registers where customers are generally in search of information on new products and services.

Layout Options for Effective Brochures
Aspects of design, such as size and fold, play into the overall appearance and usefulness of a brochure. Corporate brochure designs should take into consideration what they are to be used to accomplish. Choosing the right design for your company’s brochure can dictate the effectiveness of the marketing tool. Common types of brochures include: bi-fold and tri-fold options as well as brochures with flaps or pockets and inserts. A bi-fold brochure produces four panels on which information can be displayed, giving you a stream-lined minimalist look. If you have a lot of information to divide up, you may prefer a tri-fold style brochure that creates six panels. For heavy marketing, Jayce recommends brochure with a flap so that a business card, company card, or order form can be included within the brochure. A brochure with a flap makes it convenient for interested customers to obtain and keep track of a larger amount of information. When choosing the size and style of your company’s brochure, consider the amount of information you want to convey and the setting in which the brochure will be given out. If you are mailing brochures, or placing them for display in other businesses, a smaller layout may be the best, as the brochure will take up less space and will not require folding or distortion to fit into mailboxes and display cases. Larger brochures are better suited for handing out at conventions, sales meetings, and trade shows. 

What to Include to Generate Interest
When choosing the design for your company’s brochure, be sure to include text and information that adequately represents the values, industry, and professionalism of your business. Professional designers, like those of Designhill can help you decide how to present your business in the best light. Important things to include in any brochure are: your company’s logo, contact information, mission statement, and list of products or services offered. explains that an important acronym to remember when creating a brochure is AIDA-which stands for “Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action”. First and foremost, you need to get the attention of your target audience. They recommend that you do not put a picture of your building on the cover, but that you include bright colors and pictures of your product instead. Create interest in your products and services by including graphics and headlines that sell the benefits of the product and services to your customers, i.e. show them what they will get when choosing your product or service. notes that using bullets in your brochure design is a good way to focus customers’ attention on product features and generate a desire for the product. They also recommend that you include a call to action by telling customers what to do next: for example, “call and make an appointment” or “order now”. The right information and images make the difference between whether a brochure gets a second glance or ends up in the bin.
A great brochure can make a huge impact on the expansion of your customer base. A well designed brochure gives you the space you need to show off your products and services while giving customers the information they need to make a purchase. Effective brochures are the correct size for their purpose, include detailed information in a layout that is well organized and aesthetically interesting, and include attractive, interest grabbing graphics.

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