Google: You can Search by Image & Voice

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Search by Image

Now you can explore the web in an entirely new way by beginning your Google search with an image. Learn more about images on the web and your own photos. Try now

Discover all sorts of content that's related to a specific image. Just specify an image, and you'll find other similar or related images as well as relevant results from across the Web.Three ways to search by image, 

Drag and drop

Drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on


Upload an image

On, click the camera icon, then select “Upload an image.” Select the image you want to use to start your search.

Copy and paste the URL for an image

Found an image on the web you’re curious about? Right-click the image to copy the URL. On, click the camera icon, and “Paste image URL”.

To search by image even faster, download the Chrome extension or the Firefox extension. With the extension installed, simply right-click an image on the web to search Google with that image. To know more


Introducing Voice Search for your computer




It's easy to search out loud. All you need is a built-in or attached microphone. Just click the mic in the search bar and start talking.

Useful For, 

Hard-to-spell searches

Makes searching words you're not sure how to spell quicker and easier.

Longer searches

Search long queries, even really, really long queries, just by talking.

Searches that are just more fun to search out loud

Now you can ask your computer anything.

Searching without typing

Use it in the kitchen, in the garage or anytime your hands might be full.

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