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This article elaborates on all the aspects involving building a website and why you should actually pay to have your own website. Stick to the idea and follow through because there are some very interesting points to be discussed. To begin, we go over how a website used to be built and how it is built nowadays. Then we go into the context and options available when looking to build a website. After that, we discuss the reasons why you should pay to get your website. And last but not least, we give you some tools and website builders to use.

The cost of a website is one of the main reasons why small businesses have not built a website yet (1). That is an astounding fact but it is true. Unfortunately many small businesses are caught on the idea that building a website is expensive or it is not worth it. Not so long ago, people would pay 10,000+ to get a custom website. In many cases, they were not that great at all. Everyone remembers surfing around the internet and on business websites with an incredible amount of glitches. Besides those, there were links that would not work, missing pages, weird images and awful design.



Ok, there are many factors involved in building custom websites and sometimes it is indeed hard to get it all together. A few years ago, it was a real hassle for companies to reach out to web design agencies or professionals and establish clear communication. None of the parts seemed to understand each other and all the technical terms related to website building would sound like Greek to the average person on the other side. The end game was the web design agencies/professionals not delivering what the companies needed due to a lack of understanding the customers’ needs and preferences. The web designers would start everything from scratch with the outline provided by the client – which is already hard on itself – then they would have to make many amendments along the
way in response to client requests.

By now, the customer side has got a little more educated when it comes to websites and is actually able to understand what the design side says. In fact, they have gone so much into it that a considerable amount of business owners have already heard about the possibilities of building their own websites online and are trying out design platforms and website builders. Many people are taking the thing for granted and shooting for DIY on everything – adjusting the design, template, hosting, etc.

On the other side, most professionals involved with web design have already noticed that it is useless to start every single website project from scratch unless they are exclusively paid to do so. In the vast majority of the cases, the potential customers looking to get websites are business owners. They need corporate pages to establish an online presence and many of them are not looking for anything fancy.
So why would a designer/programmer wade through all the obstacles of putting a website together from scratch when he could simply use of the many tools available out there such as website builders and design templates themselves as well?



There are many options available when it comes to building a website. So what is the best way to go? How to make a website? It will all depend on what the project requirements are. Here are some options and how to choose among them: designer + programmer or web design agency, freelancer using website building tool, yourself using website building tool.
- If the project is too complicated for templates and website building tools, choose to go with a team of designers and programmers or a web design agency.
- If the project is not that complicated but still requires some plugins, extra integration or tools you are not familiar with, go with a freelancer that can use these tools.
- In case you are in need of a simple website or are actually willing to tackle some tasks like learning how to integrate certain plugins and using advanced features, go with your gut and build your website yourself using a website building tool.



So why would you pay for a website at all if it is pretty much everything out there and with some effort, you can get to it? Well, it may take you an infinite amount of time to find all the answers you need. Although today hard coding skills are not needed for the most part, some plugins and advanced features can be very hard to integrate and function when you are not so used to working with them. 

Plus, as the old saying goes “not everything that shines is gold”. You may run across platforms or systems you think will work great at first but in the long run they may turn out offering terrible free solutions. Make sure you avoid these like the plague. One way to do that is decide early you are not going to pay that expensive price and rather pay upfront a small fee to a good platform to get your website in good hands. Let’s take a look at some good reasons you need to have a good website building platform.

E­commerce: having an online store nowadays is key to establishing a good online presence. It helps build the brand identity and the best of all, brings in that desired cash flow all companies look for. Sometimes, the online business grows so much that it takes over the physical business literally Businesses change their operations and migrate the whole thing to digital. It happens every day and that could be your case if you have an awesome product. But give up to it –if you need to have an online store, A.K.A. e­commerce, you will invariably need to pay for a platform to be able to organize your store. Furthermore, it will be easier to link your website to an online payments channel such as PayPal. This way you can receive payments for your goods sold online.

-Bond with your target audience: you can use a blog as well as promotions on your website to increase engagement on your brand. Your target audience is just waiting for that special offer you can give them to come over and buy from you. All you need to do is establish a good relationship with them. Digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015 (2). Take advantage of having a paid website and write a blog as well. You can publish information related to the industry and to the business as well as new products and offers you are coming up with. 

Easy to get SEO results: there are websites that already hold great SEO features on every website built on their platform. This is an actual chance to take advantage of the possibilities available on search engines. Some of these websites have very easy to use tools integrated in their system that allow you to insert keywords and meta­tag for your pages. They also offer readymade sitemaps for your website, which play a major role on perfectly indexing your website to search engines such as Google and Bing. These sitemaps will allow the search engines to understand what each page of your website is about and what role they play on your website. An incredible number of 2.9 billion Google searches are made every day (3). If you use a paid website builder tha has built­in SEO aspects, there is a lot of chances you are going to get found when someone types in “your business + your city” on Google.



1. SITE123

web design
Considering SITE123 gives you the option to choose among various templates and use them for free, it is already a very good free kick start for your website. You can register in one minute and quickly start using the free website builder. It is very easy to use. It offers very good SEO features including a built­in sitemap.

2. WIX

web design
After you sign up, you can browse through the template options. There are many templates to choose from. You can preview through each of them and choose the one you think will suit your website better.


web design
Go to the wordpress website and sign up. After registering, you can choose among a variety of blog and website template options. You will also find infinite websites selling customizable wordpress templates. Make sure you understand how to do it before getting into it. You can also use someone else to customize them for you, but that also takes extra effort.

4. eHost

web design
With a less captivating user interface, eHost is somehow is more advanced tool for
building a website. It offers unlimited MySQL databases and extended marketing features. Good to use but not so intuitive.

5. Weebly

web design
Weebly is a drag and drop website builder. Its themes can be used to create a website, blog or online store. After registering and choosing your theme, you need to edit it using Weebly’s system. 

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