Free Hypnotic Cinemagraphs for Spicing Up Your Blogs

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Cinema… What? The first time you hear this a bit strange word “cinemagraph”, you can mix it up with something else, like cinematograph, for example. But everything becomes evident, when you see cinemagraphs. These animated images are so intriguing that it’s hard to take eye off them. Still images spiced up with minor moving elements here is the definition of cinemagraphs, mind-bending “animated images”. They are done in .gif format, but can’t be called average gifs. Cinemagraphs are more refined than the usual gifs, and contain a subtle motion that is not in focus. The latter creates a hypnotic effect and catches the viewer’s attention.

Being more visually effective than the usual images, cinemagraphs give bloggers an opportunity to benefit from their usage. They easily diversify the content, driving people in, and making interested in what is offered. The secret of such effect is simple - people are more image than text oriented. And if the visuals are more than just pictures, the impact on the audience is stronger.

There are a lot of cinemagraphs for all tastes on the web. Most of them are free, and you can use them without any hesitation in your projects. A great deal of cinemagraphs are related to fashion industry, ‘cause the first who invented them were fashion photographer Jamie Beck and designer Kevin Burg. Fashion cinemagraphs are great, but online industry requires more web-related items. And the good thing is that a pack of 11 free cinemagraphs has been recently launched by guys from TemplateMonster. These cinemagraphs will spice up any web design, art & photography, IT, marketing or a computer-related project. They are created with camera and Photoshop. The usual practice of their creation includes shooting a video (a scene should include a continuous motion) and post production in Photoshop where the video is divided into frames, the moving element is isolated in every frame, the sequence is played and saved for the web. As a result you get a tricky mix of a still image with a motion element.

By implementing cinemagraphs into online projects, you can seamlessly involve the readers in the topic you’re telling about, and make it more interesting and thus easier for the user to become familiar with the content. Enjoy several items from the collection and feel free to use them for spicing up your blogs.

Coffee Machine

Designer’s Table


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