Free 3D Models and Objects for AR and VR developers - Google Library

The work of developers is made easy by the introduction of Google's Poly, a new platform by which people can find and distribute virtual and augmented reality objects. Google's VR painting and Sculpting apps Tilt brush and blocks are integrated with poly respectively. This will act as an art library for the people working with Google's ARCore, Apple's ARKit or any other VR development platforms. This platform is aimed at making it easier to club the VR and AR app. The files can be directly uploaded while google will pull objects into a VR workspace and edit them.

Free 3D Models and Objects for AR and VR developers - Google Library

Watchout Poly Introduction

Developers need a lot of time and resources to create a 3D virtual reality object using AR or VR platforms like ARCore, ARKit or unity. It requires a lot of expertise and knowledge with digital competence to develop a 3D object. Here comes the newly launched Poly which has the ability to create 3D object without any skill on the subject. The Poly library is already filled with 3D models by various artists as Google wanted its first users to benefit. The Poly models works fine with Google's Daydream VR platform.

In Poly, the library will enable the user to download chosen model and integrate them with Tilt Brush or Blocks, where the required changes are made to a design. Then when the user republishes the model to Poly, it will automatically credit to the original author. This platform could be a fun resource as well for those who aren't in serious development of AR or VR apps.

Google poly 3d object library1-google-poly-3d-object-library Google poly 3d object library2-google-poly-3d-object-library Google poly 3d object library3-google-poly-3d-object-library Google poly 3d object library4-google-poly-3d-object-library Google poly 3d object library5-google-poly-3d-object-library

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