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Franzis Color Projects 5 - Photo Editing App

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Franzis Color Projects 5 acts as a high-end toolbox for a photographer to enhance his creativity and make a shot perfect. Any form of photography , be it landscape,nature, portrait, tech,architecture,graphic representations,artistic interpretations can be made lively and wonderful. Even for new users its very simple to handle, simply have to select your image,pick from 160 presets available,use the optimization assistant to make tweaks and then save your photo.

Franzis Color Projects 5 - Photo Editing App

franzis color project 5

The latest version of Color Projects brings several new features which include:

  • 26 new presets can be found in the preset browser. This takes the total to 160 presets.
  • New filter plug-ins for Photoshop
  • 4K monitors supported
  • Interface redesign
  • Font size adjustable in menus and titles
  • A hot key list, as well as a list of loadable camera RAW, are embedded
  • Use GPS coordinates to see where a photo was taken with the help of Open-Streetmaps
  • Support for 8 extra colour spaces
  • Compare functions in the preset browser
  • Use the optimization assistant to adjust opacity
  • New photographic film emulations
  • 18 new post-processing effects taking the total to 145
  • 56-course pre-settings for the selective processing of all post-processing effects
  • 71 style sheets for cropping and new tools to help like the golden spiral, the golden cut and the third rule over helplines
  • Improved selective drawing module
  • Improved RAW module functions
  • Optimization of the post-processing engine
  • Two-fold speed increase

franzis color projects 5

Film is something that's coming back in fashion and you can now apply 10 new film looks from the legendary days of analogue film to your photos in Color Projects 5.
The new film emulations that have been added are: Fuji Velvia, 50 Kodak Professional Ektar 100, FUJI Fujicolor C100, Kodak 100 Extra Colour, FUJI Fujicolor C200,
ROLLEI CHROME CR 200, AGFAPHOTO Vista Plus 200, ROLLEI Crossbird, AGFAPHOTO Vista Plus 400 and ROLLEI Nightbird.
Color Projects 5 you can selectively edit areas without the need for masks to be applied manually.Another important box Color Projects 5 ticks for photo editors is the inclusion of RAW processing.Another new feature is the ability to see where your photos were captured. Color projects 5 is available around around £112 ($129).

For further details and to buy :

Sample Images
franzis color projects 5 franzis color projects 5


franzis color projects 5

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