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How can you identify that undiscovered font?

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Are you working on a new project, saw a good-looking font, a font in a document or web page which brings your attention and after long searches, you can’t find it? Whether you search for a specific font, a similar font or several different font,, a new and successful website, is made to help you. can make your searches easier and faster and includes searches for elusive fonts. Also, the application is yours to use for free!

How can you identify that undiscovered font?

How can you identify that undiscovered font?

There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Bring up the website on your browser and register. Enter your email address and confirm that you’re not a robot. Sign in and go to home page, where you can request your first font identification.
  2. Upload a file which contains the font you are searching for. Attention, it needs to be in a GIF, JPG, or PNG format. Also you can upload a URL of a site that features an example of the font.
    Is important to know that you need submit at least one line of horizontal text and can only submit Latin letters which must not be touching.

    This website provided an FAQ page and a page showing both good and bad examples of font submittal.
  3. It probably will get a positive response, but if the font is a unique custom font, the match will not be exact so it will give you some examples of fonts that are close. You will be direct to a page where you’ll have 100 results, and if you’re not satisfied post a copy of your font in the forum. Here the forum members are quite good to identifying fonts. If you get none, it probably means that the font you are looking for is not only unique, but a bit weird.

Picked up the best match and you’re done!

Make you work easier, IntegrateChrome with WhatFontis!

If you are planning on becoming a frequent user of this service you might consider streamlining the process by downloading the browser extension for Chrome. The WhatFontis extension for Chrome is completely trustworthy and the best.

You need to know that if you are an occasional user, you are limited to 5 identifications per day, and a single forum post per day. Also, if you will need to use this application frequently it costs $29.90 if you want to subscribe for a year and the numbers of daily forum posts are unlimited. The best part is that you can input up to 15 characters, instead of a maximum of 10 with the free account.

Per month the premium service is quite affordable at $2.99.


Uncountable problems, one solution!

Because there are a lot of things to do, and we already know how hard could be to be the best, this useful and professional tool was made for you. Clear and soft, it has a premium design.

Wherever you need to identify a single or a hundreds of fonts, if you are a web designer, you will find this service the best for you because it will make your work get easier.

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