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Stunning and Fantasy Digital Art works by Michelle Hoefener

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Fantasy Digital Painting : Michelle Hoefener is Missouri based artist and she got her graduation from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago with BFA in game art and design.She always focused on character design,concept art and illustration. The light and shade which is used in her works are unique in nature. Michelle has worked for Riot Games, Midway Games, Dynamite Entertainment,Soda Pop Miniature and Cheesecake Girl LLC. Concept art is essential in developing video games,animation and films. Her surreal art works are lively and amazing with their stunning colour combinations.With the culmination of concept art with digital technology the outcome is marvelous. The characters in her art work has a gorgeous and adventurous look. Michelle has a unique touch in her character concept art which exhibits her passion.

Stunning and Fantasy Digital Art works by Michelle Hoefener

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