Top 20 Interior Design examples and ideas from best designers around the world

Interior Design
Interior Design Ideas: Decking up the interiors is an exciting task for all new homeowners. Before planning the interior designing, it's best the select the colors, furniture, shades much ahead, so you can plan on your budget and don't have last minute hiccups. If you own a house with with backyards and front porches, its advisable...

20 Best Speed Painting Demonstration Videos from the Masters

Speed Painting
Speed painting is a famous artistic technique where the artist has a limited time to finish the painting work. The time can vary, usually a duration is set from several minutes to a few hours. Unlike sketches, speed paintings may be considered "finished" after the time limit is up. it is generally accepted among painters...

Photo to Artwork Mobile App - PICAS

Photo to Painting
Photo to Painting : The newly released free photo artwork app by Picas,Inc., is setting new trends for photo filtering and processing. The Android version was released on september 1st for limited areas which received 4.7star rating with good number of downloads.Now Picas for Android opens to global users. From september 30th ,...

20 Beautiful and Professional Free Wordpress Themes for your inspiration

Free wordpress themes
Free wordpress themes are sometimes loaded with the cool looking webpages and overall design. If you are looking for professional wordpress themes, then one should opt for premium wordpress themes, which mostly have strong code and support team. If you are looking to build a website, use these beautiful wordpress themes, which look...

50 Creative Music Logos design examples for your inspiration

Music Logos
Music Logos: Logos designing is an important part of brand promotion. We see cute and sometimes even sophisticated logos for many different brands, so why not in music logo designs. No matter what kind of music business you are into, dance clasees, piano lessons or even vocals you can draw inspiration from these music logos. In the...

Top 20 Worlds Best Animation Schools for your career

Animation Schools
Top and Best Animation Schools : If you are looking for career based courses in the animation field, then these are the top 10 world's best animation schools to study. You can choose diploma courses or go through rigourous four year degree courses to find a yourselves high paid jobs in some of the best companies like Disney,...

25 Beautiful Taj Mahal Photos - Most photographed building in the world

Taj Mahal Photo
Taj Mahal Photos : The Taj Mahal is one of the most photographed building in the world. While there is no doubt that a good photographer can get a great shot of the Taj Mahal from front on in the traditional way it is photographed, many photographers also show that it is possible to get some unique & original images of the...

40 Creative Search Logo Design examples for your inspiration

Search Logo
Search Logo : In this post we have added 40 Creative Search logo designs for your inspiration. Our Favorite logo designs are Search news, inside search, icon Finder, zoom, Search coffee, Win Searcher, and Tour Finder.

40 Beautiful Kerala Wedding Photography examples and Top Photographers

Kerala Wedding Photography
Kerala wedding photographers offer world class wedding photography, they are quite experienced in taking creative candid photography and bring alive the wedding moments in an enchanting way which will be cherished for many generations. In this post we have included the 25 kerala wedding photography examples for your inspiration....

50 Royalty Free Fonts for Designers - Download Professional Fonts

Free Fonts
Download Free royalty free fonts : Graphic designers and web designers, your long search for beautiful free fonts is over, we have included some royalty free fonts for free download. If you want to make your website look professional, incorporate these beautiful free fonts to make them unique. This is the best place to download free...

Mind-blowing Automotive Photography ideas of Sarel Van Staden

Automotive Photography
Automative Photography : Sarel Van Staden is a south African Automotive and commercial photographer based in Pretoria. His passion to create images using artificial lights sources has made him enter the field of photography. Sarel won National and International awards and was published in the Photography yearbook for four...

50 Best Photo Retouching Masterpieces - Photoshop After Before Photos

Photo Retouching
Photo retouching : Have you taken a great photograph, but find a little light missing in them or the face looks too dull. Well photo retouching can be done through adobe photoshop. Photographers use adobe photoshop widely to achieve the best looks. Ask any photographer, he would say he spent hours n hours photo editing to achieve a...

40 Creative House Logo design examples for your inspiration

House logos
In this post we have added 40 Best and Creative House logo designs for your inspiration. Our Favorite logo designs are Book house, Estates Key, The Shed, Shelter House, Grow House, Real Estate list, Kerala Nazareth villas, House community, Move Sydney contruction, Home office, Mega Construction, House .com, House clip and...

20 Famous Paintings and Old Artworks of Indian Painter Amrita Shergil

Amrita Shergil Paintings
Amrita Shergil famous Paintings: Amrita Sher-Gil was an eminent Indian painter born to a Punjabi Sikh father and a Hungarian Jewish mother, sometimes known as India's Frida Kahlo, and today considered an important woman painter of 20th century India, whose legacy stands on a par with that of the Masters of Bengal Renaissance; she is...

20 Most Beautiful Flowering Trees around the world

Flowering Trees
To beautify your garden there are hundreds of flowering trees one can choose from.You can choose from these top varieties tulip tree,flowering dogwood tree,flowering pear tree are just some examples. Flowering white cherry tree, pink flowering trees, white flowering trees  are a treat to watch during full bloom. The aroma and...

20 Award winning Sand Art works and Sand Animation examples

Sand Animation
Sand Animation / Sand Art: There are two types of sand animation. In the first type, designs are drawn on sand and then the images are captured, it’s kind of similar to stop motion technique. The images are captured frame by frame and then rearranged. In the second type, the actual motion of sand art is captured on video. For...
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