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Dear Europe - 2D Animation Video about upcoming European election by Erica Gorochow

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Erica Gorochow,Brooklyn director,designer,illustrator formed a crew of 23 US and UK artists to enlighten the European voters about the forecoming elections. Though Erica didnot sound meticulous she is been diplomatic and sharp when necessary.Through all the diversities and the drama around it possibly has every chance to forget what exactly is our power and what we can contribute. This is time when animators and designers act as a bridge gaps and put on their valid efforts to causes which could bring changes.

Dear Europe - 2D Animation Video about upcoming European election by Erica Gorochow

'Dear Europe' is the outcome of the lessons learnt from the victory of Brexit and Trump. It was channelling the views of like minded people at right point of time. To increase the voting percentage and to bring awareness amoung the younger citizens Erica has taken this effort. To ensure that everyone understand their responsibily and value of their votes which can make big changes, Erica has put forth this 2D animation video.

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