Create voluminous clouds using the Elementacular 1.5 plugin in the Autodesk Maya

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With the latest update in Autodesk Maya, rendering in modern tools in Arnold and Renderman has been made easy, since you have the automatic rendering tool. It's so easy to create voluminous clouds directly into the modern renders through OpenDVB. Elementacular is an interactive cloud sculpting plugin for Autodesk Maya. According to Elementacular," It's simply a material applied to your geometry with lightning fast user- controlled fractal generation enabled by powerful GPU acceleration. The interactive cloud sculpting and rendering plugin for Autodesk Maya has been released in version 1.5 with support for volumetric clouds directly into modern renders such as Arnold and RenderMan through OpenDVB. Elementacular allows you to design cloud shapes through Maya mesh operations while continuously visualizing beautiful volumetric clouds directly in the viewport – interactively and in high-quality. The export to OpenVDB allows the cloud to integrate seamlessly with the rendering of the entire scene – no more post production and composition needed to integrate the Elementacular clouds in your final image". You are still in control of the shape of the cloud by manipulating the simple geometry.

volumetric clouds elementacular autodesk maya

Elementacular 1.5 Features:

  • OpenVDB export.
  • Support for all Maya versions 2014 all the way up to 2017 update 2.
  • Support for newest NVidia Graphics cards.
  • Support for AMD Graphics cards. More info here:
  • A new licensing system.
  • Fixed several flickering issues seen when moving a cloud out of a cameras view space.
  • Several performance tweaks and bug fixes.

arnold renderer volumetric clouds elementacular autodesk maya fire cloud elementacular autodesk maya rabbit volumetric clouds elementacular autodesk maya volumetric clouds elementacular autodesk maya volumetric clouds elementacular autodesk maya volumetric clouds elementacular autodesk maya Pricing and Availability
Elementacular for Maya costs of $175 incl. VAT. per user. 

Download Elementacular here:
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