Things to Consider When Designing a Booklet or Brochure

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With so many marketing materials being sent to customers every day, design is everything. The design that you choose can make or break your marketing campaign, so it’s vital to put a lot of thought into it instead of just coming up with any old thing. You need to create something that you will be proud to have associated with your business, and this means creating something unique that will have potential customers vying to find out more. Keep reading for a few tips that will help you design the perfect brochure.

Size and Format

Whilst the standard A4 size brochure may be the most common, there are other sizes available as well. booklet printing is available in both A4 and A5, giving companies a choice depending on their needs. A4 brochures are generally more ideal for passing out directly, whilst A5 is ideally suited to posting. Think about what your brochure is going to be used for, and how it is going to be distributed, before settling on a size.


You need to think about your brochure in the same way that you would an advertisement. If your company has specific colours in its branding, ideally you will want to use these on the brochure as well. If you don’t have a specific colour scheme, think about the kind of mood that you want your brochure to set. If you want to encourage a customer to place an order, consider using brighter colours that will grab their attention. If, however, you are designing a brochure to offer advice, you may want to opt for more neutral, pastel colours to help people relax whilst they are reading it.

Regardless of your colour scheme you also need to consider white space. It may seem dull and boring, but black text on a white background offers easy readability making it accessible to a large selection of the population. Graphic designers will always advise including white in your brochure because it adds a clean and professional feel. If you choose to ignore their advice, at least seek a second or third opinion before sending your brochure design off to be made.


Finally, you also need to consider what you will be including in your booklet or brochure. Including pages and pages of text is a turn off, and will not impress any potential customer. If you aren’t sure how to cut down the text that you want to include, hire a copywriter to do the job for you. Don’t assume that your design team has the ability to write or edit your copy as this is rarely the case.

It’s also important to consider the images that you are going to include. Images are often thought to be more important than text in brochures as they are more visually appealing. However, you only want to include relevant photos that have a focused message. Including too many could make your message confusing, and again be a turn off to customers.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you should be able to design a great booklet or brochure to use in a marketing campaign. 

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