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Online Logo Creator

Are you planning to establish a business? Then, you need to prepare yourself for all the aspects that you have to deal with in order to build your business. One of these aspects is the creation of your business logo. You have plenty of options when it comes to creating your business logo. You can either hire or simply design and create the logo yourself. Do you prefer to create the logo yourself, but you are afraid to start since you have no idea what to do first because you lack the skills? Fortunately, that is no longer a problem nowadays since there are plenty of logo maker tool you can use online. Among the recommended best one you can use is the DesignApp.

Online Logo Creator

What is DesignApp?

DesignApp is a new web application released by the DesignApp team. As an application, it offers two key things to users: versatile and flexible graphic design capabilities. More than that, it can be used by anyone regardless of their design experience or skills in this aspect. So, whether you have an experience in creating logos or it is your first time to design one, you won’t have a problem using the app. The developer created this online drawing tool for the benefit of both small and medium-sized companies.


What Makes it a Good Online Logo Creator Tool?

There are many things that make DesignApp a good online graphic design creator tool. These are summarized into the following:

What it Can Do and Offer is Already in its Description as an App:As an online logo creator tool, DesignApp is offering a long list of high quality logo designs and solutions. It allows you to create your own logo design with ease. More than that, you are provided with a wide range of designs to choose from and use allowing you to create a logo design that certainly suits your brand. You do not need to have programming skill to create a unique logo. It is a fact that DesignApp has already proved several times from the day it was released.



- A Huge Selection of Materials to Use : One thing about DesignApp that you will like is the thousands of materials it provides for you to create the unique logo you have in mind. There are lots of icons to use and it is still growing. Plus, there are more than 500 Google fonts you can utilize and incorporate in your design.

- Design Tools : As what is emphasized below, you do not need to have the skill or experience in logo creation to be able to design your own. That is the promise DesignApp gives you. All the designs tools you need are already provided by the app, from the color changing tools to drawing tools, adjustment options for resizing, rotating, shadow, opacity and more functions!

- Mobile-Ready and Friendly :  It has been in the minds of everyone that tasks such as creating logos are often done in a professional atmosphere, including the use of the tools often used by professionals. That is no longer the case today. Devices and tools are now designed well to complement people’s demanding life while offering convenience. That is how DesignApp was developed. For the user’s convenience, this application is designed to be compatible with all mobile devices. iOS and Android apps of DesignApp are also developed for the user’s convenience.

- Sharing Feature : With this logo creator app, you don’t just get a tool that allows you to create a unique logo design. It also allows you to share what you have created to the public. You can do this by simply creating an account, which is free and saving the designs to prepare sharing it to the public.

- More Convenience : To enable more convenience, DesignApp is also designed with the function of sending created designs to your e-mail account. That way, you can keep and save a copy of the logo created.

- Versatility : DesignApp is not only developed for the purpose of designing a business logo, although it is its key purpose. In fact, it can also be used in creating letterheads, banners, posters and more! Just imagine a tool that can be very useful for your marketing campaign. That’s DesignApp!

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The Ease of Creating Business Logos with DesignApp

Now that a free online logo creator tool like DesignApp is available, there is no other thing left for you to do, but take the opportunity to use and discover its potentials. So, make sure to equip your business with this tool!

The process of creating your business logo using this app is very easy. In fact, you would be amazed with how fast you can do the task and finish it within just a few minutes. You only need to start with choosing the logo design appropriate for your business. Just prepare yourself as the logo designs you can choose from are not just plenty, but endless. All of which are crafted well by the team’s experienced designers. You do not even need a template since you can directly create one!

Once done, you can start customizing the logo design, which you can do for free. Don’t hesitate to browse the app’s design elements library to find the best one suited to the logo you are designing. After this, you can download and save your logo design, which is in a 4k high quality resolution. From there, you can start using the logo for the purpose you have in mind. Just register and you can download it already! Plus, there is the added benefit of allowing you to edit it anytime you wish to.

A drag and drop tool, that’s the simplest way to describe DesignApp. It is not only simple and easy to use. This app is also the most powerful online logo creator you can ever find that allows you to create one within just minutes. So, take advantage of it and enjoy the benefit of having a professional-like business logo to represent your brand without even spending a cent.

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