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Online Casino Design: The Importance of Customer Acquisition and Retention

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Running a casino is no small undertaking, whether it’s a land-based venue or online. Aside from the big-money business of accepting wagers and underwriting gambling activity, there’s the need to constantly attract new customers, as well as keeping existing gamblers happy. Offline, casinos do that by building stunning resorts, investing billions into creating hotels, restaurants, shopping facilities, entertainment venues, and just about anything else they can to draw in gamblers from far and wide.
When it’s an online casino, you’re not as readily able to deploy these tactics. Unfortunately, online casinos can’t just invest billions in creating a nice building, or even spend a great deal of money making the world’s slickest website - it simply isn’t enough, especially when the next casino is only a click away.

Online Casino Design: The Importance of Customer Acquisition and Retention

For those online operators who don’t have access to the traditional methods of attracting and retaining casino gamblers, there’s a need to be more creative in how they approach these questions. A major part of the process lies in casino site design, both in terms of offering players the most enjoyable, intuitive playing experience, but also in retaining players for the long term. It is for this reason that top design agencies are employed who have the existing knowledge and experience within the casino niche to not only design a great looking and functional website, but also one that will keep the players returning.

Attracting New Players : If you’re running an online casino, you won’t attract new players without strong design. That’s an obvious starting point, but one that cannot be overlooked. If your casino looks like something from the early 90s, you’re going to struggle to convince players that you’re the real deal. Similarly, if a casino site has broken links, or is difficult to navigate, that’s going to have a serious impact on converting visitors into playing customers.

For this reason, you’ll find that most decent casinos put a comparable amount of thought and attention into developing their website as offline casinos do their resorts. At the top end of the industry - think sites like partycasino, you’ll find its online casino website is easy on the eye, easy to use and completely intuitive, with compatibility across browsers and devices.

But what about the design itself?One of the biggest strategies in the online casino’s arsenal is bonuses. You can’t go far in online casinos without coming across eye-popping free bonuses. Welcome bonus packages of £200, £500, £1000 or more are not unheard of, and are in fact a huge part of what it takes to attract new customers.

Virtually all online casinos operate this strategy, to the point where new players almost now expect to be offered a welcome bonus before they’ll sign up for an account. From the casino’s perspective, this is one of the main attractions for customers to choose to play with their casino over the competition.

Most casinos now display their bonus offers in a slider, along with ongoing promotions or other events. This is designed to make sure that whenever a new player lands on their site, they instantly get to hear about the fantastic welcome bonuses on offer. With bonuses playing such a key role in the marketing mix for casinos online, it’s hardly surprising this takes pride of place.

How Casinos Entice Players To Come Back : Catching new players is one thing, and it’s obviously an important part of designing online casinos. It runs through every design decision that is taken at online casinos, and every page of their sites. But it’s much easier to hold on to a customer you’ve already found than it is to attract a new one, and customer retention is another key design and business model focus for successful online casinos.

Similar to welcome bonuses and flagship offers, casinos often run regular promotions, tournaments, prize draws, enhanced odds, money back offers, and pretty much anything else they can think of - all with a view to encouraging players to come back and play more often. A great example of this is Cloud Casino which has many different bonuses and promotions enticing customers to keep on playing.

These are similarly prominent in most online casino designs, often the main marketing messages you’ll see running throughout the site. The same applies for logged in users - rather than just targeting new customers, casinos gear their designs around giving existing customers what they want, as well as giving them the red carpet treatment in terms of promotions, rewards and other benefits.

It all comes down to presenting marketing messages in an obvious, unmissable way, so that players feel compelled to keep gaming, time after time. This runs throughout most reputable casino sites, as one of the two main prongs of their marketing approach.

Marketing as an Online Casino : Marketing as an online casino is as important on-site as it is off. Every visitor that lands on an online casino is a potential player just waiting to open an account. Every account that’s opened is a casual player who could well become a very good customer. This logic runs throughout casino website design, from the ease of use of the interface, to the presentation of sliders and banners promoting special deals and recurring promos.

Through these combination tactics, the biggest online casinos are continuing to grow their player base worldwide, while transforming casual players into loyal, long-term customers. 

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