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Design contest: We have the latest collection of design contest which includes - Logo Design, Graphic Design, Architecture Design, Rangoli Design and so on. Participate in live design contests and win exciting prizes. Logo design contests are held on a monthly and yearly basis, so stay tuned to our page to participate in exciting design competitions and show the world your creative talents. Design contests are open to all age groups and people from all over the world can participate. Register yourselves in the design contest holder's website and upload 1 - 5 images for a certain premium and wait for the results. Some design contests are free entries, so check our website regularly for design contest, logo contest news.

Design Contest & Festivals

Innovative Packaging Design Contest - entries 27 April 2018innovative packaging design contest - entries 27 april 2018

Packaging Design Contest : Dupont is organizing a packaging innovation awards which tests the passion and creativity of designers around the world. The last date for accepting entries is April 27th. Dupont was established in the year 1986 and it's one of the world's leading packaging designers. Entry is free and the contest is open to all people worldwide, who have a passion and dedication towards the packaging design industry. Judges will be choosing the winners based on the following criteria:

Technological Advancement
New /Clever use of materials
New Technology Integration
Creative Configuration or assembly
Increased production and/or distribution efficiency

Responsible Packaging
Responsible use of materials
Clean and efficient energy consumption
Reduction in product and package waste

Enhanced User Experience

According to Dupont,"Innovation takes many forms. It can be a container that blends rigid and flexible packaging for a myriad of possibilities or a medical package that plays a vital role in surgery preparation. Or, it may even be a squeezable mascara tube that ends product dispensing frustrations. But one thing is changing innovation takes hard work, determination and dedication".

2017 Packaging Innovation Winners:

Du pont packaging design awardsdu pont packaging design awards Healthy food tray dupont packaging designhealthy food tray dupont packaging design

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