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So many images are scattered around the internet waiting for someone to be pickup. Yes, with the development of digital technology, now finding and creating images are easier than before. Now images and paintings are not only sold in the galleries or art markets. Nowadays so many great images are produced digitally and also sold digitally where the transaction process is mediated through internet. There are so many companies now appear on the internet with their websites trying to gain benefit from this advance in technology and art. This kind of business is popularly known as microstock.

So many microstocks can be found on the internet. However, one of the most reliable microstock agencies available is Depositphotos. Depositphotos was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergiev. From a small business, this company has been developing into a big and trusted microstock company. In just two years after it was founded, Depositphotos successfully had 5 million images contributed by various artists into its library. Now, this website has more than 12 million stock images with high possibility of keep increasing in the future. For that achievement, Depositphotos are reputed as the fastest-growing microstock agency in the internet. 

With all those labels and reputation, it is sure that Depositphotos has so many quality files to be offered. In general, there are three types of files that you can download or contribute here; they are vector, photo, and footage. Vector is estimated as the most used file type in this site. You can almost find vector images in every category that this site provide. In addition, as a top microstock agency, depositphotos always try to provide popular stock photography which is contributed by well-selected artist who some of them are famous photographers.

Teide National Park Roques de Garcia From 

Meanwhile, footage is quite new collection in this website. Starting in 2012, Depositphotos introduced the new feature which allows every contributor to be able to sell their videos here. Although not as intense as the images, the selling of footage is quite good. This is reflected by the numbers of footages uploaded here which are rising to more than 100 thousand files.

Besides that general file type classification, Depositphotos’ stock images and videos are also divided into 37 categories to ease their buyers in browsing and finding the desired images. Each of the categories contains thousands until millions of high quality photos and images. The available categories are various, starting from abstract, animals, illustrations, nature, object, places, sport, technology, texture and background, vectors, and many more. The collection of background is one of the highest number categories in this site. This category counts more than 6 million files which also make it as the most favorite category.

All of the artists or contributors who join Depositphotos have undergone careful selection to make sure that they are a capable person. Their uploaded works are also selected to ensure their qualities. With all of these standards and commitment, it is proper if we say that Depositphotos is the home of quality stock images.

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